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Misc AI Improved 1.1

Several modifications to the Ai

  1. Miles submitted a new resource:

    AI Improved (version 1.0) - Several modifications to the Ai

    Read more about this resource...
  2. it is not work :(
  3. And every time you do changes to the performance in the database and release it, you really should warn people that their current career MIGHT not work anymore. Just a hint, not everybody knows that ;)
  4. Can I install this and still play online without any problem? :)
  5. Didn't corrupt mine, sorry!
  6. I believe so...
  7. What is the problem?
  8. All mods that mess with the database are not working online.You will not be able to join an online session.There are other ways to do it.:thumbsup:
  9. Thanks, I wasn't sure as I don't play online much!
  10. thats why I said MIGHT corrupt...
  11. Yeah, I know what you mean ;) Sorry, if that caused any inconvenience. I've updated the first post...
  12. AleDriving

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    the link is down
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  13. Ok, it looks like a problem with dropbox, we'll have to wait until they sort it. Sorry!
  14. It is the same with all of my mods at the moment!
  15. The why don't you upload it here ?

  16. At the time I was having trouble, I'll look into it for you ;)
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