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AI 2012 Performance, less rain, more aggression, AI Pace (Legend)

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Demy van Zoggel, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. I just edited the database a bit, its a job everyone can do but not everyone likes to do.

    I adjusted the car performance, so HRT's perform less than a Marussia now. And Marussia performs less than a Caterham. I also increased Sauber, Williams and FI a bit so they aren't at the same level as a torro rosso anymore. I mean thats how it is atm right?

    This means I changed driver skill to, Raikkonen now is where he should be and Karthikeyan is where he should be, at the back of the grid. =D I did some minor changes to other drivers but those changes aren't as big as these two.

    Aggression is a thing I love in a game as this one, so why not put aggression a bit up? Every driver gained a little bit aggression (as they are in 2012) and I increased a little bit on overall aggro.

    The last thing is the pace, of you like to play on legend but they are a bit to quick you should use my database. On the moment it an average of 3/4 legend and 1/4 pro, so if legend is 100 % and pro is 80% you are playing at 95%.
    I didn't test this skill bar yet so I will update this later. At least you are driving more even than on Legend.

    This database + Realistic damage mod (awesome if you ask me!)
    If people find bugs ingame because of my database please tell me i'll fix it immediately!

    File download

    Same database with tyre scaling for 50% races (with this database you can't do 100%)http://www.mediafire.com/?e3krmgyx9qnpt8p

    Just replace this database file with f1 2012 folder > database > database file.

    And back-up the original file or you can't play online anymore!
  2. Reducing rain in database I'm sorry to say is not possible :(. It's probably located within the exe file it self. I compared the all databases among them self, and I'm sorry to say there are no difference between them with regard to weather. All values are identical even the one where Codmasters claim to have reduced the rain. I checked even whether files in the track folder for each track, and could not find any difference. So sorry to say it's probably not going to work :(
  3. Are you sure? even with dynamic environment settings? There are track ID's there
  4. Yes. I tried that both dynamic and weather settings to make it stop raining. I also changed the weather xml files in track folders for each track. No luck.
  5. I read somewhere on Codmasters forum that weather can be reduced only in exe file it self :mad:
  6. That is right :(
    Your other changes should work though. I have succesfully changed aggression, mistakes, mechanical failures, wet weather ability, track difficulties, but nothing to do with weather.
  7. compatible witch patch 6 ?
  8. Yes, its compatible with patch 6!
  9. Great job.
  10. Please can you identify which changes should be ade to the database file to change mistakes and failures?

    Thank you.
  11. In the ai_driver tab you will see Mechanical_failures and Mistakes columns.
    You can set these for each driver (0.1 for more mistakes and failures up to 1.0 for very few(zero?) mistakes or failures).
  12. Can it be something like 1,1? As for agressivenes.
  13. Well I don't really know if that's possible. I've tried even putting aggresion on 100 but i think 1.0 is max. If you want ai to be more aggressive you can tweak each driver seperately.
    Drivers like Schumacher are on their max already
  14. now there's a patch 7... sigh
  15. Guess yo
    Youu're right, did some tests with 1,1 - 1,5 but haven't really noticed a difference. I increased all values by 0,1. Except the ones that were already 1,0.
    Guess now i'll just increase the mistakes by 0,1 for the drivers with 1,0 agression :D
  16. Thanks will give it a try.
  17. Can I please ask what you change in the database to increase aggression?
  18. Hi Demy,

    What tools do you use to edit the database to change AI?
  19. Ryder Database Editor ;)
  20. such demy hello, I was wondering if you had the original f1 2012 database?