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AGV Rossi Misano 2014-09-15

Special Helmet Rossi Misano

  1. CalicoJack submitted a new resource:

    AGV Rossi Misano - Special Helmet Rossi Misano

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  2. Again big thanks to you, awesome stuff.
    Maybe, Lorenzo helmet next ...

    I really like it to see how much work do you invest in this game. ;-)
  3. No Problem! But i dont think, there was a special Lorenzo helmet @ Misano!
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2014
  4. rkh


    there was :)

    Jorge-Lorenzo-Pole-Position-L.jpg lorenzo-pole-misano-gp-san-marino-2014.jpg
  5. this is silverstone! Lorenzo races misano with his default designed helmet!
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  6. In Q2 Lorenzo used that helmet. But in race he use his usual helmet with the X
  7. You were right! i've just seen it! he used it in Q2! Let's see what i can do!
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2014
  8. rkh


    Glad you saw that and big thank you!! Usually, I get those things right and one can see in the first pic that these are not Silverstone curbs :)
  9. Hey i saw you have the same bug i got with rossi helmet , the helmet'spoiler is full white and i dont think is normal.This bug can be fixed or is just a graphic card fall?
  10. i think it's becaus of the dirX 10 graphic card! maybe a dirX 11 card solves the bug!

    but i'm not willing to spend 500,- bugs for a new card right now!
  11. :S i dont think is that because i got dx11 but anyway thanks for the answer :)
    and nice job for that helmet, looks fantastic!