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Affordable car by EAP3D

Discussion in 'Racer' started by EAP3D, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. Hi guys, I have switched usernames a lot but you might remember me as the stig's 3D modeling cousin who makes wheels and textures for Harey or as the guy who never finished an Audi R8 and a Gordon Keeble.

    Whatever the case, I am here to make an affordable car for ze contest.
    So far, all I've got is a sketch. Guess I'll throw it up. Went through about 15 pages of sketches and finally made one I was alright with. Modeling commences tomorrow!

    Car is going to have 4-seats, 3-doors, fwd, 1.6l 4 cylinder front-mounted engine and as of yet unknown proportions

    Still trying to decide whether to use blender or rhino. :<

    P.S. if an admin can move this into WIP cars I'd be happy - accidentally posted it here.

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  2. wow.
  3. +1

    That looks fantastic.
  4. Looks like it's a pro job :)
  5. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Yeah, totally, that's really amazing!
  6. I would like to see some further development of this concept, keep up the good work.

    p.s. I know I'm not the only TD/ID guy who likes racer! Would you like to show us another slice of your folio? :)

  7. It's mostly here:
  8. Rhino is a hard-tool
  9. well your not really making wheels or textures for me now lol, since you showed me how to bake textures in blender :p

    and yes the car looks nice, will look better once you've modeled it
  10. But powerful
  11. Very talented! Considering u are at such young age.

    Rhino is not that hard if you are dealing with Alias, which is a real pain in the ass...

    Seriously, with some proper tuning and polishing, Racer can be used as a great animation tool specially designed for TD presentation, ( even transfering the replay data into another 3d app for rigging).
  12. I've been thinking about using CryEngine 3 for that actually =)
    I made some cars work for CryEngine 2
    only downside is that there were no real time environment mapping, so I had to make an environment map for any environment otherwise the reflections would be off. And if it drove too far away then they'd be off again
  13. Cryengine, IMO , works better with character animation. So far the best non-professional tool for producing vheicle animation I have ever laid my hand on is Trackmania. It comes with great GUI and sleek camera control. But it doesn't have rt envmap either, so I am now looking forward to TM2. -)
  14. If only we had the engine GT5 uses for PC!
  15. We all know that sony won't let go of it even it went bankrupt. -)