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Helmets Aerosmith Helmet HD 1.0

aeromith helmet done on request

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  1. Thank you,awesome job,though i'm a Black Sabbath man myself(its an age thing,lol):thumbsup::cool:
  2. Great job. All we need now is my AC/DC and we set to go! :cool:
  3. Oh my word!!!!!! I didn't actually think you would do it for me. I'm very grateful, it is absolutely superb. I will never race in a different helmet again. This is it for me. Many many thanks indeed..
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  4. Despite I believe that the colours are more suitable for Deep Purple, that is an awesome helmet for an awesome band. Thanks!
  5. Hope you like it
    Have fun with it ;)
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  6. another stuning paint job,thank you very much juuppie:thumbsup:
  7. I dont like aerosmith too much but nice design bro! Keep it up
    Can you made a Metallica helmet? :cool:
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  8. Hmmmmmmmm i like metallica
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  9. And you dont like AC/DC ? :redface:
  10. This could be the start of the 'Helmets of Rock' collection. A ThinLizzy one would be cool. I also like Metallica and AC/DC but since I've been wearing the Aerosmith helmet I've had better race craft. Won my first 50% at Monaco. Probably nothing to do with the helmet and more to do with 2 safety car deployments allowing me to catch up...lol
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  11. Onl
    I like 1 song only
  12. Thats good enough!! :p
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  13. Helmets of rock
    Nice idee
    Maybe i create a logo that i put on every helmet
    First one up is metalica Or ac/dc
    Wat do you guys think
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  14. AC/DC of course! :thumbsup:
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  15. Black Sabbath.:p