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Advice on Ultra Wide aspect ratio (21:9) display

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Kjell Eilertsen, Mar 30, 2014.

  1. Since I won't have the space for a triple screen setup anytime soon, I've been drooling over this monitor lately;

    This review here tells me everything I need to know about the performance of the monitor;

    So I know it will match or even outperform my current monitor in gaming performance, that's not a issue at all.
    The review and many others I've read keep mentioning how they feel these monitors are vertically cramped, but considering the fact that this monitor is only 0,35" (0,889cm) shorter vertically than my current 24" 16:9 display, which I find more than sufficient, I don't think that part will be a problem either.
    (according to this: http://www.displaywars.com/24-inch-16x9-vs-29-inch-21x9)

    So that leaves me with one question, is it worth the rather high price for that extra horizontal width? I know having triples is a nobrainer and worth it all the way, but does the extra width on these monitors compared to 16:9 monitors offer enough of a added sense of speed, immersion and side to side view (for seeing mirrors and others around me) to be worth investing in?
    Can someone who have tested both comment on this?

    Edit: I just want to add that you don't need to comment telling me it doesn't compare to triples, I know and that's not the question at all. Neither am I looking for advice on waiting for VR headsets :p

    Thanks to anyone who share their experiences.
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  2. Leemstradamus

    Mid pack attack!

    My issue with these monitors are the rather small size. if they would make one that is the size of a 32" tv I would be all over it!

    I think if the size isn't an issue for you it's a no brainer. The latest dev 8 video for assetto corsa used one and it looked great. To give your self an idea of how it would look, set a custom resolution at the same ratio as the one you want and run a race using it.
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  3. LG has a 34" one sporting QHD resolution (3440 x 1440), if you can afford it, it's about €1000 here in Sweden.
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  4. What is the input lag on that one?

    I recon for racing I would probably preferr a 21:9 monitor of equal size but I don´t really have any problem with 16:9. I think it´s a better AR overall for other games particularly flight simming where you want as much vertical info as possible.
  5. Saleem, could you elaborate a little on this, I would like to do what you are suggesting, but I do not know how.:)

    Also not sure where to find the: The latest dev 8 video.
  6. Leemstradamus

    Mid pack attack!

    I need this monitor in my life! Lol

    @Cote Dazur which video card are you running? It would depend on what you have in order for me to explain how to do it.

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  7. If you set AC to run windowed (maybe also a black desktop), you can open up
    C:\Users\<your account>\Documents\Assetto Corsa\cfg\video.ini
    and just edit
    To make it 21:9, which in this case means HEIGHT=823.

    It'll be smaller obviously but should give you an idea what'll be visible at your set FOV (I guess you'd want to calculate what that is based on the actual 21:9 monitor's dimension)

    [edit] sorry, forgot this wasn't the AC board :whistling: too much AC videos on the brain.
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  8. Tank you Saleem and Stereo, I runned a replay at 21:9, quit nice.
    Too bad I cannot race like that, that ratio is very good.
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  9. Leemstradamus

    Mid pack attack!

    No problem, I think it's the next best thing to triple screens. That ratio is amazing. I really wish I could have my current setup integrate that in the center.
  10. It is smaller, vertically speaking, read my post again ;)
    And that thread you linked just gave me even more urge for buying it :p

    I'm going to test what Saleem and Stereo mentioned, but the question is if I can get the FOV right.
  11. I do not think that would be a mistake, I just expected more :), especially considering that those monitors are actually expensive, compared to normal 24'' monitors. I'd rather go with a 2560x1440, cost more, but only like 50€, and reduce with the above mentioned method the gaming resolution.
  12. I think you're missing the point here, the reason for going with a 21:9 monitor is because of the physical width of the image displayed, to have more of your peripheral vision covered for added immersion, sense speed and basically seeing more of what's going on around you.
    To get the same width on a 2560*1440 (16:9) you would need a 30" monitor, and those are not cheaper than a 29" 21:9 in Sweden at least.
  13. Understood. But I did another mistake :) was looking at a screen which I thought was bigger than it actually is :) (Asus PB278Q)
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2014
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  14. Coud some one recommend a projector that would allow playing AC with a 2:35/21:9 ratio? either 1920x 823 or even 1280x545