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Ads on Youtube

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Shane Butler, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Am I the only one experiencing a huge amount of ads on youtube? Because it is becoming unusable for me lately. It started a couple of weeks ago I think.. there are now ads running along either side of the video and some of them are even videos themselves. There was an advertisement for a washing product and someone narrating - this sound was running over the actual video I wanted to watch. Incredibly frustrating.. it's happening when I use google chrome and firefox.

    Anyone else experiencing this problem?
  2. I think you might have some virus or something.
    Never seen ads with sound on youtube frankly.

    There´s one in the video, hate it with a passion.
    then one below to the right of the video, above "more videos"
    And then one on the main page that usually pops up, quite large one above your subscribed list.

    Ads on left and right side of the video sounds like virus or similar.

    I use Chrome.

    There is a great youtube adblocker for Chrome somewhere. You can also set it up for many other things like always HD, dim everything around video, auto-remove in-video ad etc etc.

    Also one for comments, every comments is re-written to "herp derp" haha :)
  3. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff Member

    There are being more and more ads on youtube. I don't mind it too much really. I have only had a few "video ads". They were muted and very short, so wasn't any problems.
  4. Bugger. A virus doesnt sound good. A lot of the time the ads I find are like "how many iphones can you see" or something weird like that.. I'm scanning my laptop now to check for viruses.
  5. Take a print and post next time ads show up left and right, interesting to see how it looks.

    Edit: I´m on youtube now and i haven´t seen any ad so far. Except the in-video one.
  6. Here you go. Like I said, sometimes these ads are videos and there are even more ads when you scroll down, in between the reccomended videos.

  7. wow that is crazy.

    The right one can be a proper youtube ad, i never watch video in the little square but the middle one so i assume that ad moves down below the video when i watch in the biggest non-full screen window.

    But the left one i´m positive is malware/virus or something.
    I have never seen an add there frankly.

    This is how it looks on mine,
  8. Thanks for the reply. I've installed adblocker and now the ads are gone, but I'm still a bit nervous about the thought of a virus in my laptop. I will keep searching..
  9. Nice. Hopefully it´s not a virus, probably something to do with the browser letting it through.

    Also should be noted, the ads i believe should always say "Ads by Google" but not sure.
    Then you know if it´s a legit one or not.
  10. Thanks mate. I figured that "shocking trick to get ridiculously ripped" wasnt an add from google lol :) Seems awful dodgy..
  11. hahaha :) No that´s probably not google ads :)
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  12. 3 plugins i use for firefox:

    -better privacy

    And all is quiet on the western front
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  13. I worked with google advertising (adwords) in the past and I highly doubt they would allow a like that to run in their network.
    Install Malware Bytes and run a scan, just to be safe.
  14. I installed HitmanPro to check for malware and there was something like 247 threats detected. Jesus lol.. the problem I had with youtube is gone now :)
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  15. lol yea there´s your answer ;)