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Tracks Adria Raceway 0.92

Adria International Raceway, Italy

  1. Mitja Bonca submitted a new resource:

    Adria Raceway - Adria International Raceway, Italy

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  2. Nice work, thankx you for your time and effort,once again you give us a good track .
    Keep on your good work.
  3. Rht


    Nice track Mitja ! , wel done fella and thank you ....
  4. gis


    Nice track. It's last DTM race was chaotic as hell.

    If I can make a suggestion, would you mind considering the possibility of Hungaroring for your next project? :whistling:
  5. Hungaroring has already been done.
  6. Fast Furman

    Fast Furman

    Great looking track thank U
  7. tx
  8. gis


    I know there is a quick conversion out there by Lima which is still full of bugs. So I wouldn't consider Hungaroring to be done:)
  9. I will see what I can do.
  10. Great again Mitja :thumbsup:
    Please see what You can do about Grobnik too :unsure:
  11. Last edited: May 4, 2016
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