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Adjusting tyre endurance?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by maisinator, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. Hello everybody!

    I'm asking me right now whether you could mod tyre endurance? Is it possible in the database.bin?
    My problem is that I run 30% races and there is always just one strategy possible due to tyre wear. I always have to go Option|Prime|Prime in case of a two stop race. However, what every race has in common is that I always have to run the tyres until they are totally worn out (otherwise I would have to make an extra stop which the AI doesn't have to do neither) which leads to the fact that at the end of a stint I run horrible times... Moreover, I can't vary the pit lap as tyre endurence is extremly stingy... That's pretty unrealistic...

    Can anyone help me or tell me, if it's possible and if yes, where I can find it?
  2. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Member Premium Member

    yeah, if you download Ryder's Database editor, you open your F1 2011 database with that, then in the left collum there will be "tyres", click on that and the performance values for the tyres will come up. just increase those values until you get the desired level of endurance...

    However i should warn you that i have done this before and it works fine, the only problem is that the AI seem to be able to last MUCH MUCH longer on a set of tyres than you can...
  3. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Member Premium Member

  4. i think decreasing the values might give you better things than increasing it cos if you increase the value they will last longer but if you decrease it then there is a chance of Close battles with Perfect pit strategy
  5. database changes do not affect the player, they only affect AI cars.
    So if you increase durability of the tyres in the database, AI cars will drive even longer on one set of tyres ...
  6. Thanks so far. Reducing tire durability sounds intresting - I might give it a shot soon ;)

    I've already adjusted the track_fuel_distance since I extremly ran out of fuel in Silverstone although I did the whole race (except 1 lap on mix 1) on mix 2. Raced Nürburgring today and it seems to work for me... Maybe not only the AI is affected by database changes
  7. you would have to test silverstone again, to get any chance of a comparison ...
    Maybe it is also dependent on the value you change. Changing the Team Tier in the F1Teams-tab does not affect your car (tested it).
  8. Might be. Will test it in Silverstone today or tomorrow as well as the tire values. However, aren't there any detailed values for tire duratione/wear like it is for track_fuel_distance???
  9. of course there is.
    "tyres"-tab in the database. But I am not sure if the numbers represent miles, kilometers or percent -.-
  10. represent Percent of distance
  11. Now.. Everyone.. The tire life for your car is inside the F1 2011 exe, so you can't change it. Although you can change the overall tire wearout and you can also shorten the life of the AI's tires. This will show you in the strategy window that you'll last shorter too, but you won't. It will be the same for you.

    The team's tier affect your car. It's just that the effect is so little, that it's not noticeable. The only thing that changes on your car is the BHP it has. And +- 10 BHP isn't noticeable.
  12. I can now confirm that database changes effect the player as well. I lessened tire duration and it was great racing with 2 stops in Silverstone instead of 1... I will test tomorrow how it is with 2/3 of default tire duration. I can't say anything about the fuel yet because I calculated wrong and put a wrongly value in the database (I ran out of fuel again :))
  13. The final simulation is done! Tire wear as well as fuel consumption problems have been sorted out by changing these values in the database. 2/3, however, is pretty ambitious and unrealistic as most strategies tend to be 2 stop with 2 prime stints. Thus, I raised tire duration to 3/4 and will have a shot at this later.
  14. Well, I ALWAYS need 2 stops at silverstone (any other track too), and I never run out of fuel ....
    I guess it has to do with driving style ...

    If it is so small, how do you test it?
    I for myself can drive the same times in the mclaren, if the mclaren is tier 1 or tier 5 ...
  15. Well it's a little obvious at accelerating. Especially with modified gear ratios and when you change from tier 1 to 5. The most obvious is when you change Virgin to tier 1. It can reach it's top speed very easily. (without editing gear ratios here.)
  16. Well, I do only 30% races. That's why 2 stop strategies have been very seldom... If you have a closer look at the track_fuel_distance in the database.bin, you'll see that running out of fuel doesn't depend totally on driving style. The majority of tracks you start with too little fuel because the values of fuel load are too low. Sometimes, in Silverstone for example, you start with nearly one lap too little fuel (at least in 30% races) and if you don't run the entire race or maybe half the race with mix 1, you won't see the checkered flag... I think it's obvious that these values are unrealistic as no F1 team would start a race with too little fuel knowing that they can't run the full distance (properly)...

    However, I'm happy with my changes now and can't wait to do the next race ;) Big thanks for your help!

    *Closed* (unless kristiannn & RowingAce want to discuss further about tiers)

    ps: kristiannn, your AI mod is awesome!!!

  17. Thanks. I want to ask you what values did you put? Just to know what are the perfect values for ppl.
  18. First of all, what is ppl???

    Fuel: http://www.imagebam.com/image/50f3c0177260320
    I adjusted the highlighted column depending on fuel_usage_per_lap (1. column) and race lenght (fuel usage * laps) and added at least 1 (don't know wich entitiy - guess it's kg or lbs) and at the very most 2. Works fine so far! (However, some fine tuning might be required on some tracks)

    Tires: http://www.imagebam.com/image/d4175e177260321
    I lowered the values to 3/4 in each case. (Fine tuning might be required as well as I haven't tested it yet. But as I said, 2/3 of the default values were good with little restrictions. That's why I raised them to 3/4)

    I hope that's what you wanted to know^^
  19. ppl = people

    That's what I was looking for, thanks. By the way, you use my database? :D
  20. Of course, your mod is amazing! Maybe you could adjust the simulated AI times like daytona64 did in his AI qualy time equalizer? Would be great!