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Adjusting the Steering ?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by BLAZiNxRAC3Rx6iRL, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. :disapointed: Ok, I'm a newbie to the GTR-Evo scene and I need a little help. I can't seem to get traction even when my traction control and everything is turned on. I hit the tracks and I end up sliding all over the place and steering the car seems impossible. Can anyone give me guidance as to what's the best stats to use as far as Steering sensitivity, Traction, and overall telling me how to keep my car from sliding around like I were racing on a frozen lake.
  2. If your new to racing 'sims' and have maybe played a little (or even a lot) on racing 'games' then it can be a very different experience to what you might be used to. In a racing 'game' you can maybe get away with hammering up to a bend on full steam before all at once, in the same split second, braking-gearing down from 6th to 1st- whilst simaltaneously turning into the apex - sounds great, and it is, but you can't do this in real life without sliding all over the place and crashing out. Just as you do in GTR Evo if you try it.
    If your new to it and struggling, and assuming your controller all working properly (is steering centered and moving sensibly in control settings-advanced - if its not centered it would indicate that the controller is not calibrated in windows and you'll be fighting just to go straight).
    My advice would be to go with the simbin car setups, for now, (reduce fuel load and braking pressure) - but dont change too much else, if your always fiddling with settings you think you find an CONTROL SETTING or a CAR SETUP improvement, BUT ITS REALLY YOU IMPROVING. And that will start to happen very quickly if you do lots of laps, try to find a car, any car that you find ok - for me the minis were best for this - and get used to a particular track with a particular car, you'll be surprised how getting it right in one car on one track helps you in all the others - changing cars, tracks, setups, and control settings all the time will just totally confuse and frustrate you, it did me.
    In the end I just defaulted set upped everything, got used to default settings and SIMBIN setups as a base line, for a few WEEKS, and then started to build on that.
    I could go on and start to quote setup or settings figures - a word of warning on other peoples facts and figures 'What works for one person, on one PC, with one controller, wont always work for another person, on another pc, with another controller or any combination of one or another or even some others'.
    So you see thats a lots of possible combinations, setttings, setups, people, pc's and controllers - and we PLAY games for FUN so stop worrying about all the settings, get down to having FUN and it will all start to fall into place...
  3. Wow ! Thanxs a whole lot for your tips and suggestions. Is driving easier if you have a Steering wheel controller compared to just default keyboard keys ? I do have a pelican steering wheel but it's for my PS2 so I dont think it'd work on my computer. But I do agree with you on the part about sticking to one car. I test drove every car and I seem to like the Vipers better than the rest.
  4. Keyboard

    The keyboard is quite inadequate as it's a discrete input device, i.e. when you hold a key down, the game only knows that you hold it down, but not whether that's meant to be a soft or hard change in that direction. Same for when you release the key, or want to keep the steering wheel angle fixed.

    If you can't get the PS2 steering wheel to work, mouse steering is probably the next best option.

    I'd stay away from the 'sexy' beasts and drive the Minis for a while and make my way up. The game GTR2 has a driving school that I found very useful, which GTR Evo doesn't have sadly.
  5. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    :plus1: that is a big miss in the game, or not to say i giant mistake. That driving school was fantastic and really helped beginning simracers
  6. I agree too :)

    There are some really good learning cars in Race unlike GTR2.
  7. I've recently converted to GTR-EVO from GRID. It takes some time to learn that you cant just throw cars into corners and expect them to grip.

    I do use a g25 and that was the best birthday present that I've ever had. I suggest that you start on an easy to drive car, FWD and relatively low power. I went for the WTCC 2007 lacetti (just a bit of GRID nostalgia) but I understand from the forum that the Leon 2007 is the easiest of the TC's to set up and drive quickly out of the box.

    I went straight in to the WTCC2007 at novice and by the time you've run 30 mins practice and 30 mins Quali, you should have a pretty good feel of the car. And more importantly that the really dark bits on the track are the braking zones.

    I must admit that I was tweaking set ups after I found one I was comfortable with on the first track, I mostly then tweaked gear ratios wing angles and steering lock to suit the next few tracks. Seemed to work, I won all of the rounds bar one on novice (and that wasn't because I was slow, I just made some tired mistakes and on Macau you can't afford any tired mistakes.).

    It's funny that we even had the same debate on the grid forums. Whilst not about setup, it was about "how do you guys get so quick?". The answer was practice, practice, practice. I had over 4000 laps in touring cars in GRID to be in the top 5-10 drivers. I recon it will be at least that to be up with the fastest of the RD guys.

    At least the learning curve is less steep on this one with the back ground of GRID (some shared tracks and fewer to learn)
  8. Arghhhhh nooooo not the dreaded keyboard... You might get to a point where you can control the cars, might even get really proficient with it, but you will never stand a chance against someone with the same amout of game time and a G25 wheel....and you will never as much FUN from the game as is possible. Don't be freaked out, or put off by the G25 prices, you don't have to have one of these to play, and the simple reality is that not all of us can afford to spend that sort of money.
    If you already have a PS2 to PC adaptor you could give your PS2 wheel a try - although I would avoid buying one just to try it in case it wont work.
    I personally have tried the keyboard, its hard work, but not impossible, for portability and to fit in with my friends who wont convert from Gran Dumbeddowncontrolismo with my laptop I have a PS2 converter and a PS2 controller (no force feedback(FFB)), or a cheap USB Joypad these are still hard work but much better than keyboard, for my desktop and by admitting this I open myself up to ridicule, but I use a very old Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Wheel (the non-force feedback version) and pedals, Its not as good as a G25, doesnt even have FFB, but I picked it up off Ebay for less than £15 including postage.
    In summary I would say get at least some sort of a controller, but unless your getting it from a shop where you can easily get a refund if it wont work don't spend too much. There are loads of comments about different controllers and what works all over the place - as a minimum I would say get a USB Joypad, at the other end is the G25, which I would love to own, but like I said we dont all have G25 money, unfortunately.