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Adjusting the seat position in one car affects all the others'

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Jan Mikuž, Apr 3, 2014.

  1. A couple of questions :

    1) Is there a way to save different seat positions for different cars and not having to readjust the values manually each time i enter a different car?

    2) Is there a way to reset the seat position to the default value for each car ?

  2. Are you looking for a different answer to the one I gave in the bug thread? I don't think there is another answer.
  3. I don't find your answer satisfactory, hehe.

    What you posted has weird values which i don't understand and has no resemblance to the values that appear in game. The game should save the seat position values for each car ingame imo. Surely it's just a couple of lines of code...:thumbsup:
  4. Yes it would be good if the game could do that but it cannot.
    So I am suggesting a way to do it by editing a file. My answer may not be satisfactory but it is likely to be the only one that will work.
    The values are not supposed to bear any resemblance to the in game numbers, they are the coordinates of the drivers eye in the Mini seat. In the game they would represent the default position 0/0 front to back, 0/0 side to side.
    Like I said, if you go to the MINI_CHALLENGE_cockpitinfo file, you will see the Eyepoint line, and you need to edit the numbers to change the default position.
    I am sorry if I am not making it clear, I cannot see how else to describe it, but I am offering a way to alter the default position which is what you are asking for..
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  5. I just wanted a confirmation. I don't know how detailed your knowledge of GSC2013 is.
    You seem pretty sure so i guess it so.

    Ok, so say i want a V8 seat position with an ingame value 0/-22 or 44/35. How do i edit the values in the file you are talking about to achieve this value in game ?

  6. Sorry Jan but that is why I said you must experiment:
    Using the Mini as an example, look at the line :
    Eyepoint=(0.333, 0.960, 0.310) // Driver eyepoint (cockpit view only) ( LEFT/RIGHT, UP/DOWN, FORWARD/BACK
    Leave the first number alone as that is the position of driver seat left to right. (So if you change it the 'seat' will move left or right, which you don't want).
    First you need to make a change to the 0.960, save it and start the game, go to track and see which way it moves your view, up or down. Once you have that worked out, you can adjust the height to exactly where you want it. Then do the same for front to back.
    Easy to do, but will take some time and patience as you have to edit, save and reload the game each time until you get it where you want it.
  7. Thanks a lot Keith for the assistence, but this is too complicated and awkward. I think i'll adjust from ingame for each car and just F12 the values or write them down to a 'post-it' sticker. Do you know which value is the default in the game ? Is it 0/0 ?
  8. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    0/0 should be the default. But instead of adjusting the seat you can also optimize the field of view (FOV) as that sticks.