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Additional Issues and Thoughts that Milestone should address

Discussion in 'MotoGP 14' started by rkh, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. rkh


    1. MotoGP "Factory" bikes should not have the option to further develop the engine, only "Open" bikes should. They got it right in Moto2, there is no Engine Tab in the bike development section as all bikes run the same Honda spec engine. If anything, the option to develop the engine of a factory bike should only be available during testing phase and count towards next season. For now, they should just lock out the engine development tab for Factory bikes.

    2. When you sign with a top team in Moto3, you should not have to develop the bike from scratch as if it were a much weaker one. Why did I sign with a top team then if it takes me another 4 races to be consistently in the top 3 or top 4???

    3. Tyre choices: Soft - Hard - Wet... This is a huge issue to me, along with unrealistic grip values in the gravel or grass! Strategy does not play a big enough role. Especially with Dynamic Weather one should be confronted with having to make certain decisions. Of course, MEDIUM compound tyres are missing entirely.

    When you enter a session where it is wet, but not actively raining and the track continues to dry it should be up to you to switch to "drys" at some point of the session and you should not be forced to have "wets" on the whole time during quali or practice. Same goes for a race, if it starts dark cloudy but dry and then begins to rain, we should be able to switch to the rain setup bike during the race, just like in real life. Instead, they start with an already slightly wet track, then rain sets in which subsequently increases over the course of the race... I have never seen the Safety Car EVER!! Not one "RED FLAG" either. You are just not forced to make strategic decisions when it comes to wet races.

    @Giovaneveterano is there anything we can do with the above issues?
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  2. I agree, mostly with the wet tyres: there are no possibility to change tyres during a wet session. Qualifying and Race on dynamic settings could be awesome.
    And about the Safety Car, I haven't seen it in any Grand Prix, Red Flags yes, but no one Safety Car, I mean in the real GPs of course.
  3. i wanna see Hanika´s hair waving from helmet :D
    But also i agree with you , and i wish that bikes will have better acceleration, because if somebody turn so wide, riders behind him push the throttle and overtake him, in games it takes so long when you wanna overtake somebody who was very wide... and finally better wind strategy such as in Moto3, qualifying in groups and use a wind barrier to the best result, in a game ain´t a big difference, when you are in group or not :/
  4. I disagree with you: the tow in moto3 is massive, you could try longer gear ratios of course. Even I don't like the huge slipstream in motogp class because in the reality is not so pronounced.