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AC: What should Gear Shift De Bouncing be set to? Using T500

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Rick Malm, Jun 8, 2014.

  1. Questions re AC Shifter settings that might help me and other new drivers of AC:

    Shifters: What should Gear Shift De bouncing be set to? I only use the T500 paddles, no clutch.

    Thanks Rick

    AC settings: Fullscreen Rendering ON | Triple Screen ON (6065x1080) | Vsync - OFF | Frame Limit - 85 | Aniso x 8 | AA x 4 | FXAA x 3 | Shadows -Low | World Detail - Maximum | HDR Color Sat On @ 92%| Smoke Generation – Low||Smoke in Mirrors OFF| Motion Blur - OFF | Mirror Resolution High| CubeMaps at Low | Faces per Frame - 4
    My system: CPU: Intel i7-4770K Haswell 3.5GHz
    Video: NVIDIA | EVGA GeForce GTX 780Ti to 3 ASUS VE278Q 27” monitors 85hz refresh
  2. Gearshift debounce is the time (usually in milliseconds) before you can shift down another gear after shifting down a gear, if that makes sense. It's a setting to keep you from downshifting twice by accident, some paddle shifters do have that problem occasionally.
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  3. Kevin
    So is the default a good time to use (50msec) for the Thrustmaster T500 paddles. More often I attempt a shift and it does not happen (race start). Almost like their is a min time to old the shift down before releasing.
  4. I've found no difference between the default of 50ms and 0 so I would just leave it at default. AC will not allow you to shift into gear before the race starts which I've often thought was silly.
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  5. Before i was using on default ..had no issues with shifting.
    Later, after iv instaled h shifter i switched it to 0 (still dont know why)
    Aandd..from time to time appers that i double switch gears when im racing on paddles.
    Il switch it to default again.

    Thank you Kevin for great info!

    btw. im using t500
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