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Skins AC T5 DTM Skin Pack 2015 for URD T5 2013 Mod Cars 1.1

AC T5 DTM Skin Pack 2015 for URD T5 2013 Mod Cars

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  1. Hello speedracer1893,
    please, can you fix the pixellated colors?
    You saved the dds in 16 bits color instead of 32 bits (like in the original releases) compromizing the quality. :(
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2016
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  2. Thank you, now they are perfect! :thumbsup:
  3. Really great work, the skins are looking awesome.;)

    BTW: Is there any chance that you can include Ekström's special Norisring livery to this pack?
  4. hi, just bought the t5 mod but only the mercedes skins fits the car, audi and bmw are all mixed up, is it just me? am i doing something wrong?
  5. I watch it tomorrow. Have You the T5 2015? I have the T5 2013.
  6. t5 2015, mercedes is spot on, but bmw and audi is a mess, but that should be normal since they are for different versions. Thanks
  7. Last edited: May 9, 2016
  8. it is true, Aura and Bayro are not updated with the new version of skin.dds of URD, the decoration is creeped in the car, you can fix speedracer ?.
    Thank you
  9. No is for the URD 2013 not for 2015. I have not the 2015 Version of URD T5.