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Sounds AC sound fix v1.3.5 / v1.3.6 2015-11-26

sound, car v1.3.5

  1. Mahad submitted a new resource:

    AC sound fix v1.3.5 - sound, car v1.3.5

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  2. Sorry, it is not my intention to decrease your work, on the contrary, very cool to worry about helping people with old mods that have not been developed with proper sound, but after so many sound improvements, it would not be better to spend updating the sound of each car?
  3. The sound fix provides you to use official car from Kunos and modded car with their respective sound. Better than update each car with new sound.
    It mainly solves the problem that some modded cars have no sound during different update Kunos .

    Personally, I only keep the good mods and are updated.

    I not know if the answer matches your expectations, but hoping that it suits you.
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  4. Sorry, I do not understand how to install : you wrote "Copy unzipped folder "content" inside Assetto Corsa"...but in this "content", there is only a "sfx" file. And in the original "content" of assetto corsa, there are so many files ! ! So I am afraid to make a mistake without possibility to come back.
    Thank you for explaining.
  5. Vangelis pargiNOS

    Vangelis pargiNOS
    Do your best, today!!! Premium Member

    First make a back up of your original sfx folder, then copy/paste the folder content from zipfile, at you main game folder and overwrite. Everything should be ok ;)
  6. Kunos has changed the sound system of AC with patch 1.1.5 in april 2015. After that patch all car mods lost the interior cockpit sound. Though most of the car mods have been updated until now, there're some good old car mods without an update. Only for these few old car mods you need the sound fix. The installation is quite simple, just make a backup of the folder "content/sfx" and then copy the sound fix to the folder "content/sfx".
  7. So, until Fonsecker e.g. does not update his mod, I have to use standard ones?
    This sound fix fixed nothing in my AC.
  8. Don't know why. Everybody as the same game, if it work for me, it work for everyone. And with Fonsecker sound no problem, all work.
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