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AC RC issue - car behaviour: cars feel floaty (solved)

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Jason Murphy, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Ive got a Fanatec CSR with CSR elite pedals. Ive raced lots of sims and i know how to setup my wheel. For some reason i just get the feeling like every car is floating around like a stupid boat in this game. None of the cars seem to have any precision, i can't place them where i want them that well and losing control in a slide or going off just seems too happen all too often simply because they move/float around so much. As I said, i feel like i know how to set my wheel and the in-game settings, so im wondering if any others feel the same way about this game or if there is something im missing in my settings?
    Im running:
    Sen = 900
    FF = 100
    SHO = 100
    DRI = OFF
    ABS = OFF
    LIN = 000
    DEA = 000
    SPR = OFF
    DPR = OFF
    ACL = OFF

    In game 70% FFB, 0% filter, 0% damping.
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  2. i have the csr elite and cs pedals v 1.. my set up feels fantastic, the only difference on my setup is SEN=OFF. SHO=100 ABS=65 also there is a setting in the game for WHEEL SLIP mine is set at 0%
  3. I'm pretty sensitive to car/road feel - the sense of weight and friction primarily - and thankfully, AC has always exceeded my expectations. On my CSW, I run essentially the same on-wheel settings, but I'm curious what Fanatec driver/firmware combination you're using, as that can effect steering feel significantly.

    I also set global dampening (sic?) to 100% (driver 200/FW 37) in the Fanatec "control panel", but leave the in-game settings at default. IIRC, the in-game dampening (advanced steering controls) setting also affects steering and car feel significantly.

  4. stadlereric


    That's interesting you brought this up. I have felt the same way since the RC was released. I wish I had an answer, but I get that feeling even with the T125 S1
  5. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

  6. Im using firmware 756 with driver 177. I believe these are the latest. I've looked at that wheel settings thread, but to be honest its not a lot of help for CSR users. The top guy is a drifter with older drivers (though there are a few others no one really has a definitive as the best way to run it). Ive just always run what i have listed above for iracing, rfactor, game stock car, etc and its been fine. Maybe im just not being patient enough with the cars and not giving them enough time, but they just don't feel right. I'll double check all my settings again and i am running with 0 damping on wheel, in AC controller options and per car...

    Gotta say thanks to Steve Justice! Looks like my issue was wheel slip %. I guess when the game went to 1.0.0 RC, it reset all those settings i had set. When i went back through setting up my wheel i guess i just missed it. I went back through all my settings and found that the WHEEL SLIP % was default to 20%, so i moved that to 0%. I also realized that my brake gamma was at 2.40, so i moved that to 1.00. BINGO!! Much improved, i can drive laps now! Thanks for the help all, i will say that AC could do better by adding little tool tips that pop up when you mouse over these different settings, but im just glad the sim feels like a sim again! SOLVED

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  7. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
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    Hmmm, as far as Fanatec driver & firmware is concerned, the latest drivers v200 also have firmware 57 included, if you install the v200driver the v57 firmware installs automatically.,they are not available as a separate downloads as has been the case in the past. I updated my CSW recently and have the v200 drivers and 57firmware.
  8. What differences did you notice between the the old and new firmware/drivers ?
  9. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium

    The new drivers seem to be more responsive, but any changes are very subtle.
  10. I think you all are talking about a CSW wheel, i have the CSR forza wheel.
  11. some cars feel floaty some don't so i don't think it is our wheel issue.
    The real floating issue is when you use 3rd person camera...
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  12. glad to help..