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About to test ALL AMD Crossfire Profiles. Need suggestions for base config

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Juris, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. I've seen a lot of people fight with AMD Crossfire issues with AC. Obviously its not fully/properly implemented yet but I'm about to start testing ALL the available profiles in CCC Omega over the next day or three (large jar of coffee at the ready). Looks to be a few hundred in total.

    Rationale: I play DCS flight simulator a lot. Just like Assetto (but DX9) there is no pre-defined profile for Crossfire in CCC & many users get frustrated in finding workable settings. However after doing some testing and going through the usual suspects of FSX, Rise of Flight, racing simulators etc I discovered the Dead Rising 2 profile gave me a 20%-30% boost in framerates (6 screens at 5760x2160p) over the aforementioned profiles and was also smoother with less framerate variation. Its nothing like DCS apart from being DX9 (much lower draw distance, different engine, slightly more zombies) but it works. I know a lot of people have done testing of profiles for AC in CCC but I haven't seen anyone do a full sweep and post results (please correct me if I'm wrong and save me the hassle and embarrassment).

    I have started going through random profiles already and have seen some variation so I've decided to make a list of all results and post them here for others to use in their own testing on their rigs as a base guideline.

    What I need to begin:
    1) Suggestions for a base graphical configuration in AC (it wont be possible for me to test every variation of settings with every profile. I'd die of old age 1st). I can't start everything on ultra as some of the ultra effects are still likely very WIP for Kunos & doing this won't help those with lower spec GPU's with testing as they may run out of horsepower or vram so I need your opinions on settings.
    2) A track, drivers car and opponent car(s) (full grid). For this I need suggestions for a drivers car known to be in a stable dev state (no quirks or issues known to cause fps variances) and is not open top so it produces in cockpit reflections etc. I'm also open to track suggestions. Please state reasons based on the games car/track graphics characteristics for your choice ("I love X car" doesn't count).
    3) Any other suggestions you have to help with testing (including if I'm retarded in doing this).

    My specs are fairly high end so I should be able to limit the variances to profiles only
    GPU: 295x2 4gb (so 290x Crossfire) at 7680x1440
    CPU: i7 4790k Stock
    RAM: 32gb DDR3 Dominator at 2133mhz
    AC on SSD to avoid HDD stuttering issues, if any.

    Due to time restraints I will only be able to take results from the game starting at the start grid until about 10 seconds into the race (cars will have moved off the line so smoke, reflections etc will have time to cause variance).
    I will screenshot every profile result.

    Thoughts ladies and gents?
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  2. Si


    great idea for what might be a small audience! if you had done this a few months I might still have my 7990! hated that card sooooooo much. I just never had the patience/talent to set it up properly!
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  3. True it may not encompass the whole AC community but for many AMD users who have been fighting with Crossfire in this and other sims hopefully it can pay dividends for some. As you know yourself simming is usually the last to benefit from the latest tech due to our small % of the gaming market, small budgets, complexity and dev time requirements. Only got the 295x2 system running in the last few weeks so sadly couldn't have helped you with the 7990 back then.

    Just to give peeps an idea of what I'm at here are a couple of results at:
    7680x1440, V-sync off, 4x AF, 2x AA, World = Max, Shadow Resolution = Ultra, Smoke = Normal, HDR/PPE = off, Mirror Res = Normal, Reflections = Low, Reflection Rendering Frequency (FPF) = Low

    Testing from start of grid to cars rounding 1st corner (hence 2 fps figures) at Silverstone using full grid of Zondas with driver car as a Lotus Exige V6 CUP
    F1 2014 = 33-38 fps
    Dirt 3 = 31-41 fps
    Skyrim = 51-56 fps
    3DMark 06 = 51-60 fps
    Alan Awake = 59-80 fps.

    I'm going alphabetically up the list but took F1, Dirt 3 & Skyrim results to show differences in profile performance. Just from the above you can see Alan Awake, the least 'sim' of the lot destroys the others in fps. There are gains to be made in testing even if its very monotonous.
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  4. This is very interesting. Will try the Alan Wake profile this evening. For testing purposes it might be better to wait for the 1.1 release? Since we get a graphical update, results could be different after the update.
  5. Tried the Alan Wake profile before the mighty update. My framerates went down in stead off up compared to the F1 2014 profile. Using AFR friendly gave even better results. Have not been testing this sinds the update. Got 40 FPS extra anyway
  6. Can anyone with a Crossfire setup try both the Alien vs Predator profile (AvP_DX11.exe) and the BFBC2Game.exe profile (not the BFBC*Game.exe profile) and let me know if they are seeing better or worse FPS after 1.1 and if so roughly up or down by how much. Cheers.
  7. hi Juris I've tried BFBC2Game.exe profile you suggested and for me It works flawlessly, even with many apps enabled I get around 95-100 fps capped via rivaturner, with 2x290 (@1050 mhz - ULPS disabled). Everything is maxed and downsampled via VRS from 3200x1800 except faces res and freq set to low.
    Other profile I've tried like BF4.exe, F1-2014, F1-2013, AFR friendly, works quite same but I loose almost half fps when any screen app is activated. Alan Wake, Skyrim doesn't work at all and give me same fps of a single card.
  8. I ave found that the BFBC2Game profile des result in high framerates. But this is only when there are no other cars close to me. As soon as i am overtaken (hi can I know, this never happens..:)) Frames drops drasticly from 83 capped to sometimes 45 FPS. Next to that the hole game feels like it is in some kind of slowdown. I am using the F12014 profile now. A bit less FPS but way more consistant though.
  9. maybe because you have faces frame set to ultra and thus this brings to high cpu occupancy due to cars aruond you (so many more reflections). Try to use faces frame to low because in my case I only loose 5-10 fps when there are many cars around me (I'm using an i5-2500k at 4.7 ghz).
  10. Thanks for thinking with me. It is not the case though. All reflection settings ase @low.
    In F1 2014 profile the same problem doesnt occur
  11. Well I'll try that tonight