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A wierd occurance suddenly

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Jason Dewhurst, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. Ok so I qualified in 9th at bahrain, no assists including tc off....with gamepad, hit a 1 58 .7

    So i decided to test my throttle control with analogue stick instead of triggers, and surprisingly it was easier to maintain traction, went to the race and petrov took me out on the first turn with true ai mod 1.4 installed, so I thought ok break time.

    anyways I go back with same setup I was using before nothing else was changed, only mods I run are save fix, patch, and true ai mod.

    Now heres the wierd thing the ai are like on cocaine, their speed on the straight is ridiculous, button and co I can understand catching me but senna!!!!!

    I was 4 seconds ahead of him and I get on the long straight and hes caught me by the turn and you guessed it he goes for an audacious inside line that was not possible (i defended that line) and knocked me flying causing me to spin.

    This has never happened before the ai have suddenly become unbeatable even the back markers.

    does true ai mod 1.4 need 1.3 as well?
  2. wow senna on the charge it seems.. probably his seat is on the firing line..
    generally, the lower order teams, at times get more high speed since they dont have much aero packages, so they tend to hit high speeds.. but im not sure if that implies in the game too..
  3. This have never happened before, its not only senna im being overtaking by everyone, my ratios dont seem to matter at all, it only just started happening its not right...unless running no assists makes the ai faster....

    Well looks like im back to tc on I guess, turning them off has just broke the game, every single ai now has ridiculous speed on the straight even my team mate beats me on the straights...cannot play like that cannot catch one ai now, going to try reverting to ai 1.3
  4. Jason if they are giving you trouble knock them down a level, I had a hard time keeping up with legend full stop so have been using Profesional. The AI are not quicker no more power than stock they just drive much better and challenge the player now because simply put they want to win, try professional or even intermediate.

    To compare True AI with other AI is not a good idea they are a new breed in a league of their own, they drive like they mean it now, it will just take a little getting used to is all and if you are in your career in a low - mid team expect to be challenged all season as in real life, hell, even in a McLaren you will be challenged now :D
  5. lower their speed on the straights david, It is not realistic, saying that I cant even get below 2 05 in lotus on bahrain with no assists? yet i hit a 1 58 last night then the ai turned super??
  6. lol :D it is what they are meant to do if you want them slower the code is open so change them, :D the reason your time got better is because you have competition now. I have had to turn down difficulty to intermediate from pro as well :D The AI want to win and they don't care about you as a player any more lol either race them or get out of their way ! It is what the community wanted so we gave you it :D you can alter difficulty's so if they are still to quick go back to the old version or default. You have many choice's if we cater just to one person that is not fair !

    I find it funny how complaint's about the AI being rubbish and too slow are now doing a u-turn, we did our job well :D
  7. Thats no valid reason, you dont see this happen in real F1 its simple not realistic.

    However I reinstalled f1 took all mods out and put 1.4 back in and its back to normal with no bs speed on straights, so god knows what was causing it, it doesnt seem to be the mod.