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A warning of a driver, do not know where else to put it.

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by The-Sheriff, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    The other day I attended a random online race (PC platform) that showed out to display the worst online driving I have ever seen !. :confused::devilish:
    An Windows Live ID like "zeloloo" in a Ferrari was either a child or literally braindead.

    The race started fair enough, a few of us took the lead and had very intense and good battles.
    After a few laps I was amazed that us in front was already about to lap the Ferrari driver with +1 lap, and it turned out he was "waiting" for us. The nr. 1 guy avoided him just barely, the Ferrari crashed into the nr. 2 driver, and I was third and avoided him.
    Later on after the pitstops, I was third again, hunting down the driver in 2 position in a Mercedes I believe.
    We were to lap the Ferrari again, and I was shocked, as when I carefully overtook the Ferrari he bashed me off track as wild as it can possibly be. My race was over....
    Insted of quitting I spectated the rest as this was too much. I started Fraps and could see the Ferrari driving around busting all the signs, going to pit, and waiting for people at the pitlane at the exit pit lane.

    I recorded him when he deliberately crashed out the Mercedes as well. I have no use of the recordings, I just thought that it was best to record some of it, as to racing such an idiot that has only one goal and that is to spoil other peoples races.

    I have raced around 65 GP´s in F12011 on a random basis, and clearly most of them has been exiting and joyfull races. I have met many clean and fair drivers, and some has developed into good online friendships.

    Some races has been useless but never enough to get real p....... you just shake your head and thats it.
    This Ferrari driver "lolalala" or "lalololo" avoid him !!!!.
    If you "lolalala" or "lalololo" are in here and replies to this as I am lying, or anything else. Drop it, simply drop it, I recorded some of your braindead driving and crashing out people, so no point in debating it !.
    I have not yet uploaded it, but can do it later if requested. No problem. Just avoid that ID.

    cheers Peter
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  2. Do you think that kind of idiot will join RD or will be allowed to race here? :p
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  3. ;) perhaps not, but you never know :rolleyes: its meant as a warning because that was so lame.
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  4. There are hundreds bozo's on public forums that do this. It is not unusual which is why I joined RD. And yes I mean as foolish as the one you described. They have no desire to race.
  5. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    I have to say, I'm having mixed feelings when it comes to calling out people. I understand the issue at hand but I'd prefer if such claims could've been backed up with a replay. On the other hand, this is RD - so random people aren't a big concern for us, it'd only be important to us if one of our members would do that. :)
  6. Hi Tom, So do I, but this was simply over the top. I recorded some of his stunts, as if other drivers from that session were interested. I will upload it when I come home, as it only takes a moment to do, again, its a warning as that behaviour leads to nowhere. The majority af my GP´s online has been very good, and even some extremely close battles etc. cheers peter
  7. @Tom mixed of 2 vidoes, after crashing several people out, including me, then smashing signs, and taking out one more. Anyway, just ignore him
  8. Mark Greenall

    Mark Greenall

    Thre are many idiots, since 2010 there has been "formula G20" his sole purpose of playing is to do exactly the above. i must have reported him 20 times and he still isnt banned. You can't do anything just quit.
  9. I thought the league nowaday has a vote system for player to ban someone ??
  10. It was not a League race but a ordinary online race.
    You can report such drivers within the Windows Live client.
    Like this One.
  11. So ordinary online race dont have those vote system like i mention ?? Thats suck :confused:
  12. No, not to my knowledge. You can report behaviour via the client and describe why he is voted bad. The system is then based on that if you report people bad, the system tries to avoid those drivers from you, session understood. Thats what they claim anyway.
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  13. Hahaha, I was in that race with the other on TS, was rather amusing. I have a video somewhere too. I had been DSQed from touching the safetly car but my car was still running around as a ghost :D. The end is funny with that crash to, comments from Dima/Mecedes.

    Nurburgring is so buggy its unbelievable .

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  14. :D aahh, yeah I can see some names in there that I recall. Crazy your car drove on....:cautious:
  15. It's not "trigglety / J BUTTON" under a new guise is it ?!?!?!
  16. I would not know as I do not know who that is.
  17. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    By opening such name and shame threads you are giving the driving troll exactly what he wants: attention.

    If you really hate people ruining your races like this you do need to record them and sent them to codies or something but don't make virtual stars out of them by highlighting such people at a popular forum as RD.

    I know you posted this with the best intentions but its not the way to go unfortunately.
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  18. You can vote to kick players inbetween races, but there are ways of avoiding a vote being called on you if you know how.
    Online racing is seriously flawed with regards to cheats & dispruptive players & unfortunately I don't see that improving in F1 2012 from what I read.

    Meanwhile we have to put up with such bozo's until something better is done