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A tyre question

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by Michael Hart-Jones, Sep 21, 2010.

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  1. I am wondering if I am going mad or not?

    During the race on Thursday I made the decission to drop in to the pits around lap 18-20 to change to wet tyres. I saw the usual drop in temperature in the tyres whilst I let the pit crew finish and left the pits with around 60 degrees. By the end of my out lap, in which I did not leave the track and pushed the car to the limits of grip, my temps were down to around 45 to 50 degrees and I could not get them back up again.

    This left me a skitish car with little traction, was I the only one with this or did anyone else have similar issues? I am not calling this a bug yet as I have seen no other reports to say the same thing and fear it could have been linked to a coming together with another driver earlier in the race.
  2. I had no problems with underheating with wet tires. They only overheated once I had done a lap or two.
  3. Once the rain stopped and it started drying the temps did come back up and they did begin overheating. Thanks for the feedback though.
  4. Yup,

    When using wets in the rain you can't expect to reach high temps. But when the onpath/offpath conditions drop to 35 procent. The tyres will heat up. Above the 40 they will cool down.
Thread Status:
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