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A race like one that we could not have from a while...

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by David Zafiu, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. Guys,i found a race from 2009 where i can see that pretty all driver are cleaner and more patient than today...i saw also good driving even if there is no patient and good fights,fairplay.I miss those races...you understand what i'm saying:)

  2. To be honest, the races I've been apart of, on the whole are good. I admit, there are some twats on here that shouldn't be. I think the biggest problem at the moment is, people don't seem to know the limitations of their car. This then sends them flying into the back of people.

    Another problem I think is, that people just don't use their mirrors enough. Theres been plenty a move that I've made on people, only to have the door slammed in my face when I'm actually got an overlap.

    But you just need to know who you can trust. The lesser skilled, less paitent drivers, will make more mistakes, so passing them isn't hard. Only problem arises is when they just start being silly in their defence of their posistion.

    The better drivers, you can trust not to just shove you out of the way. Simon Gardner and I ran for several corners at Road America last sunday side by side, without even a brush, on lap one.

    Another thing is, people are using TS less and less, especially in the Euro events. With TS, your able to say wherever your going for a move and other stuff.

    Last thing that should be done more is, heavier penalties on the ones just being stupid. I remember the Indianapolis event two weeks ago, and on the first corner of lap one, someone dived up the inside, cutting the track in process, and sideswipped a BMW.

    I have yet to see a report on him and others that just do utter silly things on the first lap (where most of the chaos happen).

    People just need to stop making moves on people that require someone to jump out of the way for it to work.
  3. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    Not sure I agree with this one. TS is meant for chat outside of the race itself, surely? Even if I used it, I would certainly disable it before the start of the race proper, because I don't want to hear people jabbering while I'm trying to concentrate.

    Agreed. There's nothing more frustrating that someone pulling idiotic manoeuvres in the first lap or two and ending your race before its really begun. I must admit that I sometimes wonder if its even worth reporting, because when I do, nothing comes of it.
  4. Not just outside the race... In the American Racing Club, TS use is encouraged because like Ethan said, it's a good way to communicate with other drivers so you don't screw up their race when pulling a move. It also allows disputes to be solved quickly. Personally, I have no problem concentrating during the race, because everyone goes pretty quiet anyway unless communication is necessary.
  5. I agree with the mirrors..i think not everyone is using them.Last race i tryed 3 times to overtake Gunthar on the exterior after we were exiting corners because i was exiting much faster but he closed me every time as he wanted to be close to side line and he probably didn't saw me there...i ended on grass every time...
    As about the TS,it's good when people are understanding eachother easely because if not,you can't concentrate to the race...
    The truth is that we still have those good races,but are lesser and lesser:( People really don't know the limitation of theyr cars...
  6. Lol thats my vid. ;)
    Over a year old with my broken brake pedal if you see the Honda. ;)
  7. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Yeah I definitely have seen a deterioration in stanrds in the 2 years when I joined. I remember when I joined it was a friendly place and the chat in server was great, now - the only chat in the server seems to be "What the hell was that for you -Insert Insult Here- " and it seems more hostile than before. Don't get me wrong - the racing is still great times, but I always feel anxious when some people are filling my mirrors rather than relaxed and trusting that I should be. People label the other people in the server as "opponents" rather than "friends" I've found.
    I remember when somebody ran out of fuel on the last lap, another person have them a push home - really cool stuff :D
  8. Have a peek here

    Test broadcast of the ATCC Preseason race @ Nurburgring GP.
  9. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    There are a few reasons I think:
    - The game is old (3 years plus).
    - Early adopters have moved on to other games.
    - "Five-bucks-pick-up-the-game-people" have entered.

    I can only speak for myself but i am completely bored with RACE 07. Seen all the tracks, all the cars and (un)fortunately all the people as well. It's time for something new (GTR3).

    You will see that with a new game for the full prize different people will be attracted again.

    @Ross: if people are swearing like that in the server, why not contact us? If you can post it here you can also report it like it should. No reports = nothing changes.
  10. Let's see:
    - A lot of great guys left
    - A lot of "doesn't care about anything" people came

    And yeah, the game gets more and more boring every day. But there's no really better option for me.

    I often feel like I don't want to do more races tbh. I sign up for some, hoping for fun, but it often ends with disappointment.
  11. That about sums it up I think. :wink:

    BTW, I don't think it was boredom that caused many to leave, the game still offers good potential for on-line Racing. Some went back to older games to find better quality racing and a more friendly group.
    New members come and go, but newer guys can easily develop the same standards and community with some effort and leading by example.
  12. David, I think that in race 1 on Sunday @ Road America, when you and I had a few battles, I have not been in such close racing were care was taken by both you and I. I was holding as much inside line as I could, but you had the brakes in the BMW, so corner after corner, I held a tighter line and you had the outside and we made it through corner after corner side by side till you got the better of me. It was awesome. More like that please.

    I did make a little error in R2 with Simon, but, no contact.

    People need to understand that if you give up a place in one corner but therefore prevent carnage, they quite possible will be in a winning position at a later point in the race. Seldom is a race won in L1 and esp T1/L1. If you get some serious pressure or are applying it, let it happen and don't push it over the edge.

    Yes, there is always the clutch instead of brake problems but the rest can be controlled. One thing I would love is somehow better netcode that would allow less Springbone effect and therefore "rubbing can be racing"
  13. I think ranking system has a lot to do with how people behave in races. In a negative way.
  14. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    I think its more in people's heads how they act on track :)
  15. I think it's the mentality half the time. Alot of the newer people think "It's Touring cars, they bash into each other all the time."

    Yes, touring car racing has alot crashing, but there is many great fair racing seen in BTCC and WTCC. What some people don't realize, is that a hit, even a slow speed one, can take a car out if it's hit in the wrong spot. "Rubbing is Racing." Yes, running side-by-side with people you can trust is awsome, because, you trust them, not to take your line away by pushing you off, you know that, they will try to run with you and have as little contact as possible. By braking maybe a little more, not turning in as early and all that.

    Alot of it, is having respect for people. New people, don't bother to learn how everyone races around them, or get to know them personally (rather easy if you race people while your on TS) so just try to race, through, their opponents.

    When I first joined, and took part in my first few races, I saw who was just incredibly fast. So I knew to be careful around them, and to listen to any advice they gave me. This in turn, made me have very high levels of respect for them. And they in-turn started to respect me, because I never do anything silly while racing them, and that I'm getting faster due to their help and thanking them for it.
  16. +1

    all E said too :)
  17. To win is to drive as slowly as possible without relinquishing the lead.
  18. That's an 'A' for filosophy gunthar!! :tongue:
  19. Cheers Tim :)

    It's true as driving as fast as you can will cause an error as some point at the cost of others also...