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A question regarding assists!

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Chris Rees, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Ok i know i may get slated for this but still.. im curious.

    We have here an online racing forum for people that i would imagine have a passion for motor racing. I could be wrong but this appears to be 1 of only a few forums online that dedicate themselves to Motor Racing and gaming. So therefore the people that stumble across these forums/sites i would of thought would be a little more hardcore than the average player you see online. So my question is -

    Why do so many people here rely on assists? It almost feels like an impossibilty to find any leagues or races where assists are banned and actually get any interest. 99% of the races online when you browse the lobbies consist of assist users. I dont really get why people are not a little more adventourous and try binning all the assists, esspecially the traction control (which i must say is a massive advantage online). I cant think of anything more boring than just flooring the throttle out of every corner knowing the car is going to grip. No art in that at all!! If people just started from day one without any help from these aids then im sure people would be suprised at just how quickly they can pick up the skill of feathering the throttle and being quick.

    Its my number 1 gripe of the game (which isnt really the games fault). For me it makes racing online frustrating.
  2. What are you talking about? All PC club and league race have assists banned.
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  3. Think people are more concerned with being competitive online than actually racing without assists and getting the full enjoyment out of it.I myself used to use assists until recently, and even though my results have gotten worse, I have begun to enjoy racing more!

    Although I think a lot of people who join the forums are either looking for clean racing, no-assist racing, or both. and I guess a lot of the people who buy the formula 1 game, with it's slightly more mainstream approach to racing, probably caters to more casual racers due to F1's worldwide popularity than other games.

    but if you beat them with assists and you're no assists mate, you know you DIY'd it lol :p
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  4. Yep never seen an online race with assists allowed. Maybe I need to look better :D
  5. I think Chris may have meant just joining a random online lobby (not RD) I know it's rare to see no assists that way.. In my experience anyway :)
  6. Yeh sorry, i should of explained.

    Ive noticed the PC folk dont use so many assists. Im coming for an Xbox background (never raced on a PC)

    Xboxers on here, and definately in general online do nothing but use assists. Pehaps its time i got myself a good PC :)
  7. I guess non PC users are more on Game pads and therefore making it harder for them to go at least without the traction control.

    And can only say yes to buying a good PC. Personally I donĀ“t like gaming on a console anymore. Just my opinion though.
  8. Problem with the PC is A > having to buy a PC and B > My wheel wont work with a PC therefore C > having to buy a wheel for the PC :) Could be quite an expense!

    I know what your saying about the control pads but that never stopped me. The spring loaded triggers makes it relatively easy to manage the throttle and brakes.
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  9. Try playing with keyboard.......impossible without T/C on. Im more of a casual player so dont wanna pay good money for a good wheel when i may only play about 5 hrs a week if im lucky. All that said....i still have good races online with assists on, especially when the tyres start to wear......you cant just throttle it out of corners then!!!
    Dont get me wrong tho....if i had more time to play F1 2011, i would get a good wheel......for now its keyboard for me :-(
  10. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Chris you must be on PS3 as the Xbox community runs a no assists league alongside a TCS/Auto only league and a Pro Am that only allows TCS and Auto.
    So we have the hard core covered and BTW in all about 14 countries represented. So you arent talking about us buddy!
    We allow those assists so developing drivers can get a taste of multiplayer and then hopefully evolve (if they want to) to no assists.
    We also now have a fun race with all assists allowed.
    So whatever your standard there are races in Xbox here for you.
    People can race how they want and people evolve in their skills.
    Last season in 2010 the Xbox league allowed all asists this season we have a league with none!
    Several good drivers use TCS and auto but now want to up the challenge and go no assists for next season.
    But if we had been too elitist and only ran no assists leagues we never would have met them at all.
    I for one used most assists at first in 2010 and now none and cockpit view.
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  11. Perhaps it's time you involved yourself in our league.

    As soon as I saw you were an xbox gamer I had to reply.

    As I mentioned to some of our members today, I believe we have the best xbox racing league worldwide. Assists and no assist league's, good support and a fun respectful group of drivers.
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  12. Wheres this no assist league you are all talking about, me gonna go take a look :)

    P.S. Who is Paul lol?
  13. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.



    All the details are there but we run 75% dist no assists and a TCS Auto league @50% dist
    We welcome new clean drivers. We ask that you do a Pro Am first (Club Section every Thurs). This is how we ensure drivers are clean.
    Then you are welcome to sign as a reserve. There are 5 races left in this 1st season. We are at Suzuka Sunday.
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  14. I signed up for the season ages ago (i had forggoten about that), i noticed my name down on one of the threads. Ive signed up to Suzuka and been assigned as a reserve. Hope thats ok! Im pretty sure ive raced you numorous times anyway, im Torg22.
  15. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Ah yes I remember you at Silverstone
    OK we can skip the Pro Am.
    Thatmakes 16 on the grid plus 2 reserves incl you.
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