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A personal Thank You

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Joe Hubbard, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. I just wanted to say thanks to Mr. Nowell. First he had shared a setup that I asked for with the Star Mazda, and then he joined a practice session that I was in. He let me follow him around and then chased me around for a while. Not only was it a total blast but it really helped alot! Because if him I am in to the 1:15 mark at Mosport in the Star Mazda and I think after a few laps to get the tires up to temp it will get better. There were alot of great laps that were in VERY close proximity to say the least, and I must say it again. It was a blast!

    So on to the funnies!

    Nowell and Hubbard start a square dance out of nowhere:


    Nowell and Hubbard watched Top Gun one to many times before jumping into the cars:

  2. well I wasn't going to do it for a while yet, however I just had to get into a race and see just how I would do. I know for sure I was in the bottom split due to everyone was at my pace...lol...but I finished 2nd with 5inc points due to a guy came into the side of me and that was x4 and went off track once just barely. Then as I was catching 1st in the final 5 or so laps my brake started acting up and was activated to where I could see a sliver of red. I was unable to get through 5th gear hardely at all coming up the back straight. So 2nd it was...
  3. nice result Joe, congrats
  4. Good stuff Joe, I will have to find someone to sort me out...
    Best regards
  5. Hey Joe, no need to thank me I was having a blast also, and I think you were headed towards the 1:15's without me. I was there for comedic relief, lol. I'm usually on almost every night, so if anyone wants to put in some laps just add me to your friends list. Great pics and congrats on your podium.
  6. You were a big help William to say the least!

    2nd race didn't go so well I started in 4th and was still there in I believe turn two where you go over the hill and have to get off the gas ever so slightly. Well the guy in front of me got off the gas and on the brake pretty hard and the second I got on the brake to miss him I knew it was over. I went off track and smacked the wall at a pretty good clip. Thats when I found out if you crash there is no reset...hahaha

    If anyone would like to get in a practice tonight I'll see about getting some good racing screenies instead of just the goofy crash screens... I'll see you tonight if your on William.