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A PD insider

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Bert Van Waes, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. Maybe some of you guys already know this. But for all those years there was an insider that was allowed to give away information, sparsly though, on gtplanet...

    He did it always in a cryptic form but was always very reliable once you could read through the lines. On April 16 2009 his last message went on the forum and it blew the whole forum away, on 2,3 days the thread was filled with 40 pages. Now that E3 has been passing along it's nice to read his cryptic message again. And the things already been revealed are now so much clearer to place in his message too.

    That guys name on the forum is amar212. Almost never speaks. He just posts a thread only when he feels he has too...

    Because I'm not sure if it's allowed i won't post a link to the thread there. But I'll copy/paste his text here, because this is still the only reliable source for information:

  2. Yeh seen this a few weeks ago.

    First wind whispers that final reunion will happen thirty nights before twelve months pass and that all winds from the whole world will reunite in the same moment for the first time.

    That basically means itl be released start of december all around the world at the same time.
  3. Well went on GT planet and this is what some guy thought of the little encrypted messege.

    First wind whispers that final reunion will happen thirty nights before twelve months pass and that all winds from the whole world will reunite in the same moment for the first time.
    Late November/ Early December 2009 release, and it will be a global release.

    Second wind says there will be more than half of dozen hundreds birds flying in the beginning of the reunion on almost eight dozen of skypaths, and some of the birds will come from the past reunion just resembling the looks of the newborn birds.
    600+ cars, 95 tracks, some of which will be remodelled GT4 tracks/cars.

    Third tale says that for the first time ever skypaths will not be just solid and already known but that new skypaths will be built by birdtanners from the parts of existing skypaths.
    Ability to create new tracks from existing ones.

    Fourth wind is talking that birdtanners will reunite in numbers greater than ever and will be granted with ability to talk to each other, make guilds and alliances with undisputed freedom.
    More than 16 cars on track?

    Car clubs and voice chat will be included.

    Fifth wind says that reunion will happen in two forms, one greater than other and birdtanners will have freedom to decide which reunion they will attend. Greater reunion will ask for great sacrifice to be made in order to get all present and future treasures without new sacrifices needed, while smaller reunion will come in form already known, asking for more sacrifices if future treasures catches the eyes of the birdtanners.
    Two different releases.

    One which will include everything and be more expensive and a cheaper version that will then allow you to download the additional cars and tracks you want.

    Sixth wind is telling the tale about different reunion but almost the same as known one, smaller only for the eyes of those who do not want to see it in its whole glory. That different reunion will not happen in the realm same as the known one, but in the different realm which still has not been uncovered to the birdtanners. That realm will resemble realm already known but it will be divine new and made in the image of it.
    Gran Turismo on PSP along wit the release of a new PSP which we now know about.
  4. It isn't THAT cryptic is it :D
  5. Well, that's what i basically wanted to show you guys...

    Since E3 this message is much more clearer. But you can read it like the first whispers is the trailer on E3...
    What happens if you do that then suddenly the release date would be May 2010... Think about it.

    One thing's for sure, amar is the most reliable source on the whole net wright now... Wy he is that, nobody knows. He's Slovakian and since GT4 he was there. A month before any release what so ever he had a copy and did a full review on gt planet. Since then he knows everything and seems to get a clearance now and than to give away a cryptic message.

    The one i posted here was his second one on GT5.

    The first one's:

    Februari 17th
  6. They did say in an interview you will be able to make garages, form groups, race together and talk between eachother among other things. So I'd say that's what it is. More than 16 cars? With NASCAR I'd expect that to be the case.
  7. If that's the case the PS3 racers will be soo happy, me included!:good:

    imagine, more than 20... That would be something... For a console sim with such amounts of physics dialed in...
  8. Well there are 43 NASCAR competitors (when I watched the Infioneon race today. But to get 43 MAY be a little much to ask. But PD and their goal of the best sim out there, I wouldn't play it down just yet. Besides, they are making MAG, a 256 player war game on the PS3. 43 in GT5 is possible...
  9. Iv got a suspicion it will depend on what track you race on. Maybe with ovals they can afford to put more cars up as there will be less detail on the tracks.
  10. Perhaps, maybe there will be limites with different classes. Rallying would only need one car (unless it's Rallycross), NASCAR needs 43, GT not sure, over 20 maybe and production cars would perhaps use 16 as standard.
  11. Yeah indeed Mark,

    and I'm not sure too about GT cars, NGT-GT-classes,...

    Like you said, PD always sais "either do it, but than it must be good, or don't do it at all."

    They very well good've done it.

    Btw, UK OPM preview off next magazine said it will be a full preview, not some stuff from E3 coming back... Getting closer to the next piece of the puzzle, tadatadatada.....