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a little shader help needed (see attach)

Discussion in 'Racer' started by ammods, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. ok, mentors gurus whatever you "elitists" want to call yourself :p (yes i'm being a smart arse)

    i've got this big ass, shader that i want to use for this car...but i need someone to set out the shader as it should be instead of this mess...i'll also need to add a line in there for a wheel, so if you can help me out i'd most greatful..and if i get clearance to release this car i'll add you to credits for helping me get this in a good place...

    this shd file was created with modeler, so i really need someone to give me a hand with this..and please i need help with windows as well..so if you can add that too, i'd be eternally greatful...

    once again, thankyou whomever steps up and helps me with this predicament

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  2. Hey man,

    I checked your file & now I see why nobody answering. As you might have observed from your shader file, there's a bunch of shaders to be set, which complicates the work. As most Racer experts do, is to create the less shaders/materials possible & reuse your 'successful' shader template from another car & just tweak what you wish...

    You pointing to a real cool problem here, it's the transfer or 'extraction' of shader/material values from our original 3D apps to Racer which is missing for now, idk exactly with the newest 3ds Max plugin for Racer tracks (0.8.36), there seems to be some improvements in export processes...still I didn't check everything.
  3. i was under the impression that, the export plugin was only for tracks not cars..shame that it's not all rolled into 1..instead of needing to export plugins...thanks anyway..its summer here now, so racer isnt high on my to do list..if you get my drift lol