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A Few Questions about Career Mode

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by cspwnsurface, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. First off, just wanted to thank the community here at RD for being so kind and helpful. I have a few questions about career mode for F1 2011.

    1) AI is too easy, even on Legend. Last year's game was seemingly quite a bit harder as I'm finding that with AI on Legend I'm beating them by 2 to 3 seconds a lap with Lotus-Renault. I have two mods installed:

    'AI put to a new level'(http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/f1-2011-misc-102/f1-2011-ai-put-new-nevel-5875/)
    'Jace11's + This Database Mod' (http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/f1-2011-misc-102/ai-qual-time-equalizer-5856/)

    In my last Race in Turkey, the AIs fastest lap time was 1:28.xxx and in qualy was 1.27.5xx. I was putting down 1.25.xxx-s without using anything close to 11/11.

    Is there anything I can do to level this out. I tried playing with Williams on legend and it was pretty hard, but with any team other than the bottom 3, I dominate too hard.

    2) AI is Ridiculous. They run me off the road during safe passes on straights, but cave like pussies when I go to pass them in a corner. I've looked for mods, but haven't found something to fix this.

    3) This is another reference to the problem from question 1. Can somebody post average pole times for legend AI for a few tracks, so I can compare?

    Thank you :)
  2. Not sure what those mods have done to your game but in Istanbul, the AI's fastest qualifying time was about a 1:23.5 for me and in the race they were pulling 1:26's - 1:27's. I managed to win the race by 2 tenths of a second (100% race) over Lewis Hamilton. (I was in a red bull). In the race I had to set the spring stiffnesses to 7/7 to be competitive. I'm no slouch of a driver and I am not doing so well in my first season in Force India.

    Australia Qualifying: 10th Race: 11th (Got a puncture with a few corners to go and fell from 10th to 11th :( )
    Sepang Qualifying: 10th Race: 15th (Lost 3 places on the last lap when my tyres fell off the cliff)
    China: Qualifying: 17th (Was struggling in the wet, couldnt get the right setup) Race: 24th (Ditched it in the wall after beign set up for a 13th place finish.)

    For me the game is very challenging and I run 6/6 spring stiffnesses on Expert. Not sure about those mods you have downloaded, unless you are simulating times in qualifying and purposely breaking the rules against the AI in teh race.
  3. What order did you install these mods in? I'm not familiar with them but if they are all database mods, one will copy over the top of the other. In other words, you are actually only using the last one that you activate.
    But in response to your first comment re AI being too easy to beat, what assists are you using, and what length races? Try turning all assists off and running 50 or 100% races, it is more competitive that way.:)
  4. Thanks for the responses. I wasn't sure which order I installed the mods in, so I decided to reinstall the whole game and test it before applying mods.

    I think something was causing my Legend AI to not be so 'Legendary'. My AIs qualy times were 2 to 5 seconds down of other people's I've seen. I hope the reinstall will fix the problem, but cant quite test it yet.

    As far as my game settings, here is what I use:

    Xbox 360 Racing wheel

    No ABS, No TC, Dynamic Line (My crutch :/, tips?)

    50% races, no springs over 8/8 for me, using Lotus-Renault
  5. I race in a Williams in Season 2 (don't know does this make any difference but I may as well say it). I usually just take the "Dry" preset setup, just adjusting aero, brakes & gears. I leave the springs 6/6 & ride height 6/6, makes the car harder to drive. I use expert difficulty setting, then just put tc to med. I'm about 0.5 sec faster than the AI on most tracks, and with a bit of a push I can get that up to 1 sec/1.25 secs.

    Hope this helps!
  6. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Please forgive me I have to ask:
    Why do you choose a setup that "makes the car harder to drive" and then add TCs-Med(which makes it easier)?
    Don't they kind of cancel each other out?
    Its really worth the effort to drop TCS in my view. Grows the game significantly.
  7. Yeah I didn't get that either, I don't know why you would bother with TC anyway just ruins it for me.
  8. If you test it again after reinstall and you still find Legendary too slow, then all credit to you ! I'm in a Williams on profesisonal level with no assists, and I am happy to finish in top ten, usually 7th so far. Lotus I found extremely difficult to finish better than 19th. But the best mod in your case might be a damage mod - make it easier to damage your car or AI car, and then you will have to drive much more cautiously !
  9. Well after reinstalling I've found that the AI is back to their 2010 form, i.e. faster than me! I reinstalled and started a new career with Force India and have had the following in my first 5 races:

    Aus- Qual: 14 Race: 16
    Mal- Qual: 1 Race: DNF
    Chi- Qual: 24 Race: 8
    Tur- Qual: 11 Race: 2
    Spa- Qual: 6 Race: 1

    So two podiums with a win, but still challenging. Problem seems to be fixed.
  10. How on Earth do people manage to win in a Force India. What length races are you doing?
  11. I do mostly 50% races. Sometimes with tracks I really like and/or think I really need to work on, I do 100%.

    As far as what I did specifically, Malaysia AI is just too easy still, I should've won there from pole, but crashed last corner, last lap :(.

    Other than that a few decent qualy laps has gotten me about mid-field starts and I can usually get 3-5 places off start using all my KERS right away, then with an aggressive tire strategy (8-10 laps option, 12-13 Prime, 7-8 option) and varying fuel usage (3 at start and to catch/pass cars, 2/1 to maintain position) has given me the most success.

    Mostly engineers will recommend an option, prime, prime race strategy, which the higher the grid place, the better the strategy, but if you have the pace and can maintain your options and primes, having a final stint on options is great. I've made up 4+ places in the last 4 laps with that strategy. A good way to set this up is to do only 3 laps in qualy, drive out, hot lap, in-lap, then you can go 8 or 9 in the race. The only problem with this strategy is pitting so late into the race and only giving yourself 8 fast laps instead of 10 or 12 medium laps can make a big difference.

    It really comes down to knowing what the guys in front and behind you are doing pace wise. If you can do this, you can save tires and fuel and do pretty well.

    Hope that helps :)
  12. How did you manage to get a full DNF round the last corner at Sepang??
  13. The DNF was essentially a rage quit. I crashed and could've limped across the line, but I retired in anger, heh.
  14. I do 50% with all assists off except auto gears on legend, i was 4th in Malaysia, could've been on the podium but was a little sloppy on old tyres. I actually won in China which i was surprised about but i had alot of practice there and that track quite suits me.
  15. Malaysia is probs the hardest track for me despite how most say the AI is really easy. Just did Istanbul and managed 13th. Still looking to impress the paddocK!
  16. I find Monaco and Singapore the easiest...which is a bit unusual I guess.
  17. Yes Monaco is either very easy for me, or the AI sucks. When I was with Lotus, I qualified 13th and finished 8th, lapping my own teammate in the process.

    I recently started a new career mode with Force India, because I didn't feel like spending 2 seasons trying to beat the backmarkers.