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A Few Photos for you Guys

Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by Tom Wilson, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. I was lucky enough to be able to spend my bank holiday watching some truly spectacular action from the Historic Masters Series at Brands.

    I've got a load of Photos should be publicly available on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/#!/album.php?id=706169439&aid=171262

    Was really good watching the kind of cars we drive week in week out online going at it in the flesh. There was also a great selection of Classic F1 and GT cars on show and some fantastic action. I was able to get into the paddock for a little while to see some of the Cars up close, fantastic drivers/owners only too happy to let you shove your head in the window and walk about there garages. I even saw a little Lotus 11 with the keys in it. If I'd have been able to get my 6'4" frame in i'd have been off in a shot :D








    And one for Warren


    A day out I'd fully recommend, even the Mrs had a laugh. Was slightly marred by a horrible accident in race 2 when a 8.8L Chevron went full tilt into the tyres at paddock hill bend resulting in a 2 hour fire brigade/air ambulance rescue for the trapped driver. Hope he's OK!

    I'l try to upload some more Pics as and when but thought you guys might like to have a look!

  2. Ross McGregor

    Ross McGregor
    Premium Member

  3. Thanks for sharing. I must make the effort to visit one of these races in the North.
  4. You got a close up view of my League car. :kewl:

    Did you give it a tune up and power boost for me, I need it? :wink:

    Your 6ft 4in frame would struggle to get into the Mini too.
  5. Nice Pics Tom :cool:
  6. Stuart Thomson

    Stuart Thomson
    The Stoat Without Fear ™ Premium Member

    6'4" ?!?!

    It's "Be Nice To Big Tom" week :good:
  7. Thanks Tom for sharing. Great work with the camera & to see such beauty in the flesh, arrrrrrrrrrr