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a dead Motherboard, CPU or PSU? (or all of the above :))

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Christopher Aponte, Jul 15, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys

    I have something for you to help me with
    These last days I have been monitoring the CPU temperature of my parents computer running to high for my liking. Temperatures of @ 65 degrees Celsius.
    (note: it actually has been running with that temperature for more than a year now, but the pc does not work 24/7.....more an average of 3 hours per day max)

    I found the problem: the cooler wasn't placed perfect and case fans weren't working properly, either way...
    After I bought some new cooling paste and fix the problem, I went on to start the pc again and here I came with a new problem.
    The pc does not want to boot. I don't get any input or signal on my monitor, no beeping sound and also keyboard and mouse does not get any signal at all when the pc starts. And last all the fans works at a really low speed.

    For me it all points to a dying or a death mobo, because yesterday when I boot up the pc, the booting procedure got stock in bios (never reaching the windows booting logo). After a restart or 2 then it booted completely.

    But just to be sure I want your guys opinion on this problem before I head off tomorrow buying a new mobo.

    Things I already did (and came with the same results)
    * check power cables
    * boot with no usb cables plugged
    * boot with no HD plugged
    * boot with no dvd burner plugged
    * boot even with no mouse & keyboard
    * 15 sec CMOS clear

    System Spec
    Asus P5W DH Deluxe
    Core 2 Duo E6600
    Asus EN7900GS
    WD2500YS 250GB SATA
    Corsair 2 * 1GB PC6400
    Cooler Mater iGreen power 500W

    (oh maybe a good thing to point out...don't know if it might be something to do with the problem I have
    where I am right now is at Aruba. We have a weather here that is really bad for electronics. As in there is a high concentration of (hopefully this is the right word) saltpeter in the air, where corrosion happens fast)
  2. It could very well be the Mobo, but it could also be the PSU playing up as they can cause all sorts of problems if they get faulty.

    Maybe it's worth checking it with a PSU tester or try another PSU, always worth a try just in-case.
  3. tnx for the info Damian

    well tomorrow up to the local pc shop (which is not cheap :S), hopefully can get something from the US asap

    I just remember I have an old pc with a less wattage in the PSU
    but it might be worth testing the current PSU with the old pc....if it doesn't work, then I know it's the PSU...if it works then Mobo
    hopefully that logic will work lol
  4. update
    it is a faulty PSU
    tested the PSU on the old system, and it did not work. Also lucky me the Cooler Master iGreen power has a red led that lights up when there might be a problem with the PSU.....and so it did lit on.....
    at least it is cheaper to get this.
  5. There you go! PSU's are annoying things when they go wrong, i guess cooler master don't make to reliable PSU's then.

    Good you found the problem though, much easier to replace.
  6. actually they do
    because that PSU has been running for 24/7 in my old pc for 2 years before going into my parents pc :)

    and with that red led lighting up, it does make the job easier
  7. Depends how long they make out it last for then. Whats the warrenty? Had some PSU's running 24/7 for 3-5 years without issue's.
  8. uhm if not mistaken 1 or 2 year
    but I do agree that i.m.o. it should have run longer, but seeing how salt air eats pc parts here, it should not be surprised that part go bust quicker.

    I went to check for a psu here....not even 1 pc store has 1 psu around 500W :S (although 1 showed a bit promise with some parts arriving today....will go back later)
  9. what are the odds
    yesterday I finally found a new psu, installed it and the pc does the same thing

    I should have stuck with a new motherboard :S
  10. Gareth Hickling

    Gareth Hickling

    Roy Stevens just had the same problem, got a new PSU now he has had to get a new mobo :(
  11. I finally solved my problem
    it was not the PSU, it was not the freaking Mobo after I replaced it.
    It was actually the CPU. Oh man so much money invested. Oh well on the other hand I would invest into a new motherboard if i wanted a new CPU in it

    now I have a problem that I want to know how to solve it
    Now everytime when it has loaded the windows and is busy loading the background programs, the pc goes into full restart.
    It still has all the drivers and software from previous board installed as I could not get rid of them yet.

    Anybody has an idea how to stop the continuous rebooting problem?
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