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A controversial racing weekend

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by Eugene Abramoff, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. Eugene Abramoff

    Eugene Abramoff
    Staff Member

    A lot of close and exciting races took place this weekend all over the world, yet so many hopes were compromised to grab those points and climb the championship ranks.

    In the World Endurance Championship (WEC) opening weekend, the race was under thread from a snowfall at Silverstone. Thankfully the weather cleared, after morning session was postponed, and the race took place after all, and what a race it was.
    In the end Audi seem to have had prevailed after 6 hours, crossing the line first in Prototype class, but was shortly after disqualified for a technical infringement, there for Porsche inheriting the overall victory.

    Meanwhile in the USA, CA. At WeatherTech Sportscar Championship, on the streets of Long Beach GP circuit, after successful strategy, Corvette GTE was going for the checkered flag to claim 100th victory, however in a close battle with two following Porsches, was taken out at the hairpin by the second place car, which looked like an amateur mistake, surely not intended, but never the less giving a victory to the teammate in third place, securing Porsche first win this year in ALMS and pushing Corvette down to second place in this event.
    In Pirelli World Challenge (PWC) race after crossing the line first, Cadillac was penalized by stewards passing the win to McLaren.
    Not a good weekend for GM at Long Beach.

    Back in Europe ADAC GT Masters race two was almost in the pocket of Zakspeed Mercedes AMG, but after penalty on the penultimate lap, for braking Safety Car rules was pushed down to 22nd place giving the win to GRT Lamborghini.

    A controversial weekend indeed.

    PS. Did I miss anything? I have not seen ADAC race 1 and Indy race, as well as I don't know results for ELMS 4 hour race.

    What was great however is Ferrari 488 GTE claimed its first victory at 6 Hours of Silverstone, fair and square.
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  2. Indycar - Simon Pagenaud was given a warning for clearly crossing the pit exit line, he was able to get back on track in first place right in front of Dixon and eventually won the race. Not sure if a warning is the norm for this infraction, I thought he would be penalized, at least yield position.
  3. Indy Car posted the pertinent rule on their Facebook page and the rule states that there are three different levels of penalty for that infraction, with a warning being the least severe penalty.
  5. This is the second time this season that a Porsche has taken out a contending Corvette.
  6. Eugene Abramoff

    Eugene Abramoff
    Staff Member

    That is true, it was quite an accident at Sebring. I think this is all a vengeance spree after Corvette gave a nice little tap to 911 at Daytona to overtake him. :D
  7. Thanks, here is the FB post;

    INDYCAR Statement on Pagenaud Penalty:
    Simon Pagenaud’s actions during the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach were deemed an infraction per Rule “Lane Usage” of the INDYCAR Penalty Guidelines: Failing to follow designated procedures entering or exiting the pit area, including the proper use of the acceleration and deceleration lanes. The penalty for this infraction ranges from a warning (minimum), putting the driver to the back of the field (mid) and drive-through or stop and go/hold (maximum). INDYCAR race stewards determined his actions were not deemed severe enough to warrant a harsher penalty than the warning that was issued.

    Which sucks because the other two penalties are too harsh and would have killed any excitement to a rather boring race. If they had a rule to yield the position he would have still had a few laps to battle back and I don't see anyone objecting because he clearly crossed the line. If he was way ahead of Dixon into that turn I wouldn't have an issue with just a warning but he was what a car length?
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