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A change i've noticed since the forums have changed...

Discussion in 'Site Feedback & Support' started by Dan Wootton, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, just something i wanted to bring up which if you could change i think it would be better for everyone....

    Since the forums have changed when someone posts you can't see the persons GFWL gamer tags :( it's actually rather annoying sometimes lol!

    I'm posting away in the F1 racing thread and if someone replys, yeah i can see the persons real name but i don't know the persons in game name and on the old forums it use to show this.

    Don't know about everyone else but it's certainly something i miss big time and was wondering if it was possible to add this feature back again as i really miss it and it would be alot better to identify people alot quicker and easier. I try to use peoples real names as much as possible but sometimes i only know them from the persons in game name so it can be rather frustrating trying to find out who i'm actually talking to sometimes lol having both would be perfect just like the old forums had.

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  2. Just wrote this and then i read the thread "What's coming next?" having read that i'm now a very happy gamer :D thanks.
  3. It would be great it people can have a quick browse and also use the search function before posting issues/requests/questions here. The Admins are incredibly busy sorting things out behind the scenes. The less duplicate posts there are to wade through the easier and less time consuming it is for them to spot problems and answer people's questions.
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  4. Or.... maybe a delete thread button could be added ;) theres an idea!! :)
  5. Allowing members to delete their own posts is rarely a good idea, to be honest. It can make discussions very messy and breaches of forum rules hard to prove.
  6. Not posts just threads. Like i made this thread and it's pointless now so if i could of deleted it i would have.
  7. Same thing applies really. You can breach the rules just as easily with a new thread as you can with a post. If it'd deleted before the staff get a chance to move or screenshot it, then there is no proof and not a lot we can do about it.

    Better to just encourage people to use the search function before posting questions.
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