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A breath of fresh air...

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Nick Price, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. to find a public server full of fast but fair drivers...

    had a blast last night for a couple of races on brands hatch, closest and cleanest racing ive found so far and i have to say it was intense!

    pace was a bit too hot for me up front but trading places in the upper mid feild for the whole race felt awesome.

    looking forward to some more action :music2:
  2. It is still a public server though. And with that in mind the "Wreckers" can still join.

    If you are interested in organized/private/fair/close racing check out the RD Racing club, here.

  3. ay, i've been in a few public races that were fantastic, but those are few and far between. like Keith said, join up if you want to always race that way
  4. Im up for joining.. but I must wait 3 weeks or somethin like that
  5. I've had those nights in public, but as others said, leagues & lock downs with others that want to to get the same enjoyment..

    Get your 25 posts in and put in a app :)

  6. The wait is worth it trust me. Once you get your trial membership PM me and i'll gladly practice with you for an event if you like.

  7. I wouold love to join but sadly the rules are a little bit of a block to me

    I dont like being told what to do by loads of people and in reality we just want to race,. I hardly thnk you will get many wreckers on password servers, so all this rubbish about posting 25 times abnd being on ehre all day is a bit offputting I'm afraid

  8. that's your opinion mate, the 25 posts allow you to get to know us and us to get to know you. if you think it's rubbish that's fine, enjoy your public servers.
  9. I thought the whole deal was a little to much when I first took a look at it...it was hard for me to get started posting about stuff in a forum I've rarley visited before, but now that I'm in the process of it, it feels good. And the people here seem really nice too! And I appreciate that racedepartment is doing this to keep the racing as good as possible.
    So far, I'm sure it'll be worth the wait :)
  10. You could look @ it *Being part of a community that shares the same interest*
    I see you have 32 posts, so I fail to see what the whine is about TBH >>
    Join Date: May 2008
    Posts: 32

    So all you would have to do now is submit an app :)
  11. not quite as the posts have to be over a continuous 3 week period :)

    But anyway.. what you are describing manimal is, I believe, how the club used to be and it was changed for a reason. It may cut out some very courteous (etc.) drivers but it also means that people who are here for the wrong reasons don't bother. If you do want to be here for the right reasons then on the scale of things it's really not much to ask :)
  12. What I do find strange is that my application is still pending, while others who have posted as much (roughly 3-5 more posts or the same amount as me) or less than me (lowest was 26) and entered their application after mine have been solved a couple of hours after they sent it in...but I guess they have their reasons. I just hope they didn't forget me as they seem to get a lot of applications. I'll wait and see :p
  13. This is precisely my point,

    All these rules just put me off really

    I have been in these type of clubs before and to be honest there are usually a couple of aliens who Rod round miles faster than everyone else and then a load of blokes having fun who just happen to admin the whole thing.

    Great to race with no wreckers but sadly I can do without all the in and out of servers, posting participation, comments on the board or your status is changed. Bit much for me.

    It's a game after all, and mates who are in huge FPS servers dont have to do all this Im afraid.

    The site is great, some great fixes to problems I have had and been able to offer advice too. No complaints there. Superb site.
  14. not long ago we dont hat this rule in place and guess what?
    the standart of driving in the club droped by lightyears so we was forced to
    aply this rule
    now till you have your 25 meaningfull posts we will know you a bit, as you have inwested some time you probaly wont risk to get booted from the club at the first event
    and it works the standart of driving is now much better
  15. The reason is that their posts are fairly regular over three weeks while yours are only regular for two weeks :). It's nothing personal - they have to follow the rules precisely for everyone otherwise there will be someone who complains that it's different for others ;)

    an FPS is very different from a racing sim though because racing has a lot more rules on track which are harder to enforce. If someone joins an fps server and starts team killing, no problem, it's clearly intentional and you can ban them. Racing requires a bigger time investment to understand the etiquette of it all, and racing incidents are much more subjective.

    If the rules put you off then it's fair that you don't want to sign up, it all comes as a package I guess.

  16. like what Matt #1 said, you had a pretty big gap in your posting. another few days or so and you should be good. bump it on monday and see what they say.
  17. Oops....I forgot about the 3 week thing...
    Now I don't need to worry ;)