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9 Le Mans Grand Prix

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Jun 14, 2011.

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  1. Some questions you should do to yourself:

    It was three cars disconecting same time? Wasn´t it four?
    Is Portugal in the same area Finland is?
    Why the feel we applied the red flag for first teams in the standings and not in the case it would have been teams not fighting for the champ?
    You really think I prefeer FOC or RPM to score more points than my own team? Otherwise I would have let race green...
    Who was disconnected last time we show red flag? Can you asnwer that question?

    We will come with a new rule regarding this incident and maybe with something more...
  2. David,

    it's not about the area or the numbers of disconnects. It's about the points distribution because of disconnects. Nobody cared about teams disconnecting in the past. When our driver disconnected we weren't happy. We didn't complain. It happens....It's about the fact that some teams are awarded with points after they disconnected because of the red flag. While single disconnects in the past are rewarded with no points. Because of this the point distribution is compromised and so is the fairness of the championship.
    I would like to have a statement in general from race control regarding the arguments as stated above. Not pointing to any personal or team (dis)advantages.
  3. If understand you correct, you would have continued the race even if half the drivers are out of the race ?
    Or if not where would you put the cut off point ?

    Off course you can't red flag a race because of one driver, then there would not be one complete race :) .

    But when there is a problem like it was on most nobody complaint.

    Only now they do, and thats not really fair, there was a problem as the disco's happened at the same time.
    Don't understand this tbh.

    And i am not speaking for my team as would also gain when there wasn't a Red Flag. We lost a bundle of points.

    Race control only tried to be fair as David mentions. There is no doubt that is more noticeable when the front guys drop, but its unfair to state this would be the reason why its done.
  4. Yes I agree they try to be fair but the decision made is the only one that is not. I suggest that we drop this race from the standings and do it all over at Spa. Fair for all the teams.
  5. Fair for all teams ?? Why ? Do you think its fair the teams in front ?
  6. Yes it is. Explained in my previous posts.
  7. We where leading 1-2 do you think we find it fair that this wouldn't count ???? Pls common.

    Beside this Michael, the second race that was announced first wouldn't have put Hugo back on the grid, as it wouldn't our driver Ken that experienced same problem. And if the race had continued he still wouldn't be there to get points you guys need.
    So understand why you guys want to drop the race. But why is this fair for all teams ?
  8. Tom look, my team had a good chans at Thursday to close in the gap to FOC at the championship and have a slight chans of overtaking FOC at Spa but we couldn't due to the red flag. FDR had the same chans to close the gap and overtake GBR at Spa but missed it due to the red flag. We were two teams also fighting for a better position (just like FOR) but let's say we got bad luck with the red flag.

    Please let's not continue this topic because we all have made clear of what we think about the red flag.
  9. I still not see the point on some of your words. So should we consider a single mini dump or blue screen the same than a massive disconection in a race? I am up to consider a sinlge disconection as an engine failure, but how should we consider 4 or 5 drivers (1/4 of the grid) disconectiong same time? Engine failure aswell.... and go on like this? And what if 43 or 4 more disconect next... end the race with 8 drivers? Just use common sense.

    Still, is there anybody able to answer next question:
    Who was disconnected last time we show red flag?
  10. David, at Bahrain it was 2-3 guys first including Tyler Scurlock and an FDR (not van Bommel) driver I think. And then a lap later it was myself and around 3 other drivers. I cannot remember more sorry.
    Then about the new rule. Do you take the gaps into account if the race is restarted?
  11. We still don't have a statement from Race control about the point distribution in relation to single minidumps and the mini dumps we experienced yesterday. No I do not consider 3 or 4 disconnects at once a massive disconnect. It's a risk of simracing and should not affect point distribution . Please answer my question in general and not relation to past events or team (dis)advantages.

  12. Gaps will be lost, as when a Safety Car is deployed.

    Single discos will be counted as an engine failure, etc. Unless there are five single discos in a row as we stated in the new rule. In a period of 30 seconds, to say something.

    Everybody can have a diferent opinion but to have 5 disconections same time to me is not a sim racing risk but a sim racing failure, and we are forced to act. A single disconection can be caused for many diferent reassons, normally particular driver reasons, from an electricity supply breackdown to a blue screen, etc. When it affects to 5 persons (4 on last case) it is not normal, and won´t be faced as a normal stuff.
  13. Erik Tveit

    Erik Tveit
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    Not to be cheeky or something, but how long does it really take till the broadcast are up. I really want to watch it. :)
  14. Check the website. Xose has implemented it with a lot of new styuff related to broadcasts and videos. Just amazing.
  15. Erik Tveit

    Erik Tveit
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    Coooooooooooool! :D
  16. Bram

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    Super cool new features on the site. Kudos STC crew :thumb:
  17. Oke David those are rules we all can accept and agree on in the next round of STC :) and it's great to have this covered.
    Between the lines I can also conclude that there is no intention to bring the balance back in this championship and for example skip the results from the last round. This doesn't change the situation we are in and is still no answer to my arguments as stated in my previous posts.
  18. Pls stop this charade Michael. You guys had 3 guys scoring no points. which had nothing to do with the Red flag. If the race had continued till the end, you guys would have lost even more points. So be lucky it was red flagged.
  19. As said before this is not personal or about our team but in general. If we would have lost more points so be it something I can live with. I have some constructive arguments and would like to have an constructive answer, not a charade in anyway.
  20. ok, I can understand you have don't agree a red flag was given, but thats no reason to say it should be deleted. That feels to much you are trying to get it in your favor. Pls try again to see it from everyone standpoint.
    Half points is done in F1 also when in the race can't be resumed and a certain (not sure which) distance isn't done. so its not something out of the blue.

    The rules where made up so there is no gray area anymore. Lets continue and go to the next round. No point going over and over this.
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