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Database 8 laps in career and gp mode 1.1

100% races just last 8 laps

  1. mungopark submitted a new resource:

    8 laps in career and gp mode - 100% races just last 8 laps

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  2. I'm new to PC and modding, I just did the mod where I can start with ferrari in career, will installing this mod change that?
  3. if
    if its a database mod then probleys u will have to start a new game cause wen u change the database it corrups ur profile of changing the ids in the database
  4. and it is a datebase so yes i could be wrong like but im going to say u will have to start a new game
  5. so is there a way to combine two database mods?
  6. you do not have to start a new game.
    1. start your career
    2. whenever you want to go for short races, use my database
    3. when you want to go the original race length, use the original file again

    i do that all the time. no need to start a new game. your profile is not saved in the database-file, but in eg:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\127703613\223670
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  7. great, i try this for career mode working 100%.. you can use rich fuel mode in all race.. nice stuff...
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  8. Hi mungopark,can you tell me what file i can modify for change the laps of 8 to 10 laps.I have ego database editor but i don`t know haw change it

    Great job............ciao
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  9. ok, let's see:
    1. open your database.bin file with ego database editor. you will see an error log. don't panic and just forget it;).
    2. scroll down to "track model" and double click it. then, on the right window, look for a row called "num_laps". change the values there to 10 laps. now, a 100% race will only last 10 laps. save the file.
    3. then look for "track_fuel_distance" in the left window and double click it. now look for the row "l100percent". here you have to fill in the amount of fuel you need for 10 laps. change it for every track. as a help, look to the row "fuel_usage_per_lap". save the file after you have made your changes.

    do not forget to save your original file before!!
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  10. Thank you very match mungopark,i tray right now


    Work very well !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks again
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  11. how to change 25% and 50% laps into 2 or 3 times to stop in a pitstop ..... please.......reply
  12. sorry, don't know that. i think you have to alter the tyre wear.