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780m 4gb to GTX780 TI 3gb. Enough Vram for Triples?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Juris, May 29, 2014.

  1. Hi guys I need your help. I'm about to start my PC build to drop me 2013 iMac. I'm running triples windowed at 7860x1440 at approx 50fps. I know the 780ti with destroy the 780m in terms of outright single screen performance but my concern is will a drop from 4gb vram to 3gb vram be a problem in terms of bottlenecking.

    I have a shot at buying a 780ti at a good price but don't want to get it if its not going to run AC & pCars as well as the 4gb mobile card. I'm hoping for a x2 increase in fps. Kinda under time constraints so I'd really appreciate your help. Cheers
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  2. Leemstradamus

    Mid pack attack!

    Yes it will run them fine. I have only seen over 3gb of vram usage a hanfull of times.
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  3. Cheers Saleem. Just by chance was that with an earlier build of AC or recently and do you remember if there was a particular setting that ate the vram to the point of 3gb+.

    If there was a 6gb variant I'd be delighted by it seems they are only starting to go into production. No reviews ever seem to benchmark sims on triples so its hard to gauge what to get :(
  4. Leemstradamus

    Mid pack attack!

    It was an earlier build. I'm pretty sure it was with my aa at 8x
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  5. Thanks. What res to you play at and are you running a 780ti. I know Rene Rast runs a 780ti on triples on his Youtube channel (definitely worth watching) and it looks buttery smooth on pCars which I think is more graphically demanding than AC but I've no idea what res hes running.
  6. Frank

    Administrator Staff Premium

    AC is more demanding as the optimization is far from done. Also there isn't really any single card capable of buttersmooth gameplay on triples on very high settings, not even a Titan Z. You need to start looking at triple or double SLI to get proper results. And that counts for most modern games.
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  7. I run a 780ti @ 5950x1080 at 120 fps with high settings (4AA - 8 AF) excluding HDR and Reflections (low). The problem is the AC engine that stutters a lot even at 120fps.
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  8. Leemstradamus

    Mid pack attack!

    I'm running two gtx680 4GBP with triple 1080p. So 5760 x 1080p native.
  9. There is definitely some stutter, or I'd even call it a visual fluttering which is off-putting. Looking at your FPS and considering I'm only going to be running 60hz monitors I reckon I might pull approx 100fps which is perfect.

    I guess things can only get better as optimisation continues. Time to pull out the credit card again and build the gaming pc. Oh **** :)
  10. I use a 780 with triples with no problems at all, lock at 60fps and dont get stuttering. I run 8XAA and 16xAF with HDR and cube maps low and 2 faces plus high shadows and world detail.
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  11. Thats for all the help guys. Sadly I missed the 780 TI I was looking at :( but still gong ahead with the PC project. EVGA have just released the 6gb version of the GTX 780 (I'm assuming the TI will be along soon) so thats well into the vram comfort zone I need for running triples with an aux display above.

    Just wondering if anyone could try running AC in triples but fullscreen windowed mode as opposed to fullscreen and if you could post the FPS you got for both. Cheers.
  12. Leemstradamus

    Mid pack attack!

    How much is the new 6gb 780?
  13. It looks like evga are pitching it at the 550 usd mark which is the same as the 3gb so its a bit of a no brainer if you are a triple screen simmer or 4k player buying new and can get your hands on one. Overclockers uk already have one but i think the official release date is 2nd june.

    Now im just hoping they make a TI version. ATi also just brought out an 8gb card. Its the way its gonna go which is a great thing for those of us with multi displays :). Now the devs just need to make use of it but that may take a while imho as the uptake on these high vram cards may not be that quick. I reckon it'll be mainstream for the 800 series release as 4k drops in price..
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  14. William Wester

    William Wester

    I'm running 5812 x 1080 and have yet to find a game that comes close to using all 3GB of my GTX 780. Granted I don't run every graphical setting at MAX as I find other bottlenecks before I consume the GPU's memory.