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6870 pcie cable question

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Paul Hamwa, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. Hope it's ok to post this question here, not directly sim hardware, but since all I do is sim racing I guess indirectly it is!:tongue:

    Just got my new 6870 to replace my wittle 4850.

    Unfortunately I cut up an eight pin pcie connector like a pilock to use for something else thinking I'd never use it.

    Ive got a 550w ocz fatality which has two red modular 8pin outs to pcie. One cable I've got, the 8pin to 6pin, so I connected that to one of the red plugs on the gpu. For the second one I did something a little weird, which will only be temporary until I can get the other cable.

    I took one of the 6pin to Molex adapters that came with the card clipped off the tab and put it in the red 8pin out on the psu (making sure the yellow wires are connected to the 12v pins) I then connected the Molex to a molex x3 adapter, and used one of the molex females to connect the other 6pin adapter to the card. Essentially this grouped the 12v wires into one wire. Will this give me any problems? I can't imagine why as all contacts should be getting 12v.

    Here are some shots

    pcicable8.jpg pcicable7.jpg pcicable1.jpg pcicable2.jpg pcicable3.jpg pcicable4.jpg pcicable6.jpg pcicable5.jpg

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!:)
  2. I guess the noob question I have plain and simple is: Does 12v x 3 from the PSU combined into a Molex and then expanded to again to 6pin (with 3 x 12v) and plugged into the GPU have any consequences?

    Sorry I'm jonzin to race with this new card somebody help me please!!!! :wink:
  3. Went ahead and plugged it in like that, got a race on wednesday. My guess is it'll be alright.