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64 bit and Multi-Core Support

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by leon_90, Feb 13, 2015.

  1. Hi lads,

    are there any plans to make the game 64 bit optimized (and take advantage of more system ram) and to add multi-cpu/thread support (which would give massive improvements for modern CPUs users)?
    I think that this sim is great but in 2015 it is a bit disappointing to see still a 32 bit exe but even worse, single-cpu optimization only :( no h8 here, please do not misunderstand me, I am giving a positive critic only. I would love to see this sim get more optimizations for people with modern hardware :)
  2. Looking at Task manager, mine is using 4 cores.
  3. You are right :) indeed it seems to be using all 4 cores. Still, the 32 bit matter remains.
  4. This is meaningless I'm afraid. How much of each core is it using? If you make a single threaded application run on more than one core all it does is rapidly switch the thread from core to core. So you can run it on one core at 100% usage or run it on four cores at 25% usage on each core but this will give you no performance benefit.
  5. out of interest here, please dont assume im hating in any way im just curious,
    what would you gain if the game was 64bit?
    i know in assetto people want this for longer replays but what would the gains be in GSC?

  6. You may well be right, but what if it is using 30% of each core? Then surely using a single core would make the game struggle, whereas it would run better using 4 cores. All I know for sure is that in earlier version of this game, I could use the command +fullproc in the command line and make it run on multi core, and the FPS definitely went higher, so in a single core it must have been maxing out.
    Now, I can see it is using the same amount in each of the 4 cores which I am happy about, but I am no expert, so as long as I get good FPS or more importantly, smooth running, then I am happy :)
  7. Again, I'm no expert but I think it basically allows a game to use more RAM, instead of a 4GB max in 32bit games. So there is more room for textures, calculations etc, meaning an overall rise in complexity of the game is possible while also getting better performance.
  8. Exactly ;) that's why it would be a smart (and necessary nowadays) move