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3rd time this happened in only 5 or 6 times playing......

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Spinelli, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. I've just finally got a friend of mine to buy a wheel and buy a couple sims. In the past week, about 3 times now we've been online in servers and out of nowhere it will just say connection lost and we'd be out of the room, and then the server wouldn't even be listed on the server list.

    I'm 99% sure I didn't get booted, plus, my friend lost connection is well and it didn't say you've been booted. It just randomly did this in a practice session with 10 or 15 of us, the other two times there were only 4 or 5 of us.

    Does this mean the server most likely crashed?
  2. On the same server or one very servers?
    Sure a server can crash, sometimes. But not so often. Original track?
  3. Always original track. I'm pretty sure it was a different server. Anyways, we got back on after the crash tonight, and I asked the server admin and he did indeed confirm it was a crash.
  4. We have run hundreds of races with no problem. We use a VPS.
    Maybe the server crashed because it's not running enough ram or whatever. The game can get hungry and really push the server at times, depending how many drivers, what track etc.
    Also, the server admin should keep the server install of the game clean and free from old mods and tracks that are no longer being used. They can cause strange things to happen.
  5. How many cars do you think an i7-5930K @ 4.5 GHz can handle? Does the server make use of all of the cores/threads? I want to start creating my own room to race in...
  6. It's not really the cpu. It's the whole package. Lots of ram if possible.
    The most important thing is internet speed of course.
    Also, keep the game free from 3rd party tracks and mods you are not sure about. Some of them really jam things up.
  7. I have 16 GB of ram (4x 4GB, quad channel, 2400 MHz, DDR4), my download is 50 mb/s (around 6.5 MB/s) and 10 mb/s (around 1.25 MB/s). Do you think I can handle a 20 car grid (assuming everyone has pings under 300)?
  8. I hosted a local league from my PC about 2 years ago, when I had 8GB of RAM, on my 2500k CPU. If the game can run fine offline on it, then hosting on it should be fine, since the only difference would be the internet connection, which has basically nothing to do with your specs.

    I even raced in the races hosted from my PC and I had no issues. If it's local guys in your same country, or close to it, then it should be fine on your PC, providing your internet is stable. Of course it's always nice to have a dedicated server, but less and less leagues can afford that, and if it's not working perfectly then it kind of defeats the purpose.
  9. @Spinelli
    You specs are good and you should be able to run 30 car grid easily.
    Just remember to keep the install clean as possible.
  10. Thanks guys!
  11. My internet plan is 50,000 kbps (down) and 10,000 kbps (up) but the in-game's settings don't go higher than 10,000 kbps, and the dedi server tool's settings don't go higher than 8042 kbps. Did Reiza/ISI actually mean to write "KBps" rather than "kbps"? If that's the case then my speeds of 6250 (down) and 1250 (up) easily fall within range of the game's settings limit (10,000) and the dedi server's (8042)...