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3ds terrain

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by JoeyAndres, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. hello guys,

    is there anyway i can import a 3d mesh (.3ds, .dae, .fbx, etc.) to btb and be able to control it like terrain in btb. That also applies in the road. Cause that could be a big break through. For example using google earth terrain, the smoothed it in 3ds max by conforming a patch over it. Pls reply and Thanks
  2. Short answer is no.

    You can import the mesh as an object in an XPack, but then you can't manipulate it like BTB terrain. Or take a look at how Zaxxon built Pike's Peak using scripts and an older version of BTB.
  3. ...Take Your mash, import it as an object with the help of x-packer, create a new track in btb, import your object into btb that will be used as a kind of "stamp".
    after done that, you can start "dressing" your object with the btb terrain (pull edges to form new poly).
    After practically cloning (dressing) Your mesh you can delete your object, and You will have your terrain shape ready.
    ...hope that helps, it is the only "solution" that crosses my mind at the moment
  4. Mikec87


    I am going to try a different method with my Top gear Test Track Ver. 2.00. Do the whole track and little roads etc in BTB using GE background. Export to game. It will be pan flat.

    Import into Max and join all mesh so it is one big mesh. Join all the roads etc and then use the Free Form Deformation modifier to do the terrain. By having all the mesh joined as one, you can raise the terrain and the road at the same time. Later, you can select the road polys, detach and save as road01, road02 etc. Also you can then dicide the terrain and divide into parts the same way and name terrain01, terrain02 etc.

    Because Dunsfold Aerodrome is quite flat with very gentle rises/falls , this method is not too much a pain. The only pain is when objects done in BTB are imported into Max. You them have to adjust the verticle value. Unless I can get accurate terrain data to do the work in BTB, this I think is the only method I have of doing terrain in Max.

    Don't know if all that was any help lol!

    Mike :)
  5. This is what I've been doing, using the technique mentioned here:
    (see the first post for another way, plus texturing instructions).

    To make the terrain flow smoothly over the object, I use this method:
  6. thanks for the post guys, the dressing one will really help me create my irohazaka 6.0 (i wonder why that is 6.0).
  7. anyway is there anyway you can generate a road using 3ds max 10, (i'll export it to 3ds max 7)
  8. Some newer plugins were uploaded to the rFactor site so maybe you can use 3dsmax 10 without having to export. For making the track you draw a spline, make another path which is the cross section of the track, and then extrude it along the spline. Since I don't have 3ds max I can't tell you the proper terms for such things.

    However, the point of BTB is that it's easier to use than 3ds Max, so if you want to use the latter, good luck.