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3ds object texture flips in btb

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Rubinhofan, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Look at the following picture:


    The texture has changed, it is a horizontal flipped texture. Why ?
    I saved the dds-File in several formats, I looked for the normals in 3ds but nothing solved the problem. I hope you can help me.
  2. If you upload the object in .3ds format I wouldn't mind having a look.
  3. Its just been mapped back the front, what program did you model it in?
  4. I use 3ds max 2010. In 3ds max, it is mapped correctly, like in the picture, but in btb it is wrong.
  5. Rubinhofan - few questions.

    Is the other side of the bridge correct?
    Do you have the UV's/maps shining through both faces perhaps? Just make sure each face has its own UV texture, or this can happen.

    You may correct this with a work around - in BTB, grab the scale tool and make the x value a negative, so opposite to what it is currently. This will flip the entire model insideout basically. Might work.
  6. I think I found the problem, somehow it's turned itself inside out. To fix it in 3dmax, select the object and go to the 'Utilities' tab, select 'Reset XForm' and click 'Reset Selected'. Then right click on the object and convert to editable poly. Now the normals are around the wrong way. Go into poly submode and select all, then click 'Flip'. That will flip the normals and now you can export it and it will be the right way around.

    I also recommend you centre it to 0,0,0. Unless you have it positioned purposely to align with the track.
  7. Thanks for your help mate, problem solved. :)