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3D anaglyph glasses

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Akbar Sal, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Anybody have experience with anaglyph glasses using for games? was thingking of buying one to use for my LCD monitor. any recomendation? ProView ?

    or is this just a waste of time trying to see 3d? no cash for real 3d equipment.
  2. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    Are there actually games out there that are done in that kind of 3D? If so, are they titles that are worth playing? :)

    Either way, the glasses are pretty inexpensive so I doubt you could go wrong on any brand though I would try and make sure that you get ones that actually have real frames and are not made of paper.
  3. a have nvidia 9800gt. so here are the list :


    among excellent category are:
    - rfactor
    - race 07
    - gtr2
    - TDU 1
    - iracing

    - shift

    - wrc 2010

    - dirt 2

    not recomended
    -Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

    i guess codemaster games are not good for 3D. couldn't find f1 2010.
  4. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    From what I just read on that site, it is a list of games that can be seen in 3D without much work due to the way the games were programmed using the nVidia SDK stuff. Those games that are listed poorly are likely not setup in the game to run 3D yet, and will take a patch to get things going from those manufacturers.
  5. iRacing, rFactor, and all the Simbin titles are great in 3-D.

    I didn't think dirt2 was bad at all, just some of the shadows appear to be out of place under other cars. If you race from the cockpit, it is not very noticable. The dirt2 cracked windshield and water splashing the windshield effect is really cool looking in 3-D.

    Biggest thing with the anaglypic glasses is making sure the lenses are the same red/cyan colors of the 3-D, otherwise you'll see some ghosting.

    They will make you want to go buy a 3-D monitor. At least they did for me.
  6. @driver74: wanting to ask, any chance you tried netkar pro for 3D?
  7. Nope, I've only tried 3-D with the titles that I mentioned above. Although...

    I read on the Nvidia forum that some people were saying Netkar Pro is excellent in 3-D.


    To be honest, the biggest benefit I get from 3-D, is when I race with a head tracker (freetrack, trackir.) If you have ever used a head tracker, you'll notice that when you look around while driving in 2-D, it is easy to lose perspective of the car's direction, especially in corners. With 3-D, the car still appears like it is distinctly out in front of you, no matter where you look, so makes it much easier to look ahead into the turns and focus on where you want the car to go, without losing perspective of the cars heading/direction. I also am using a very big monitor, so that may or may not have some to do with it as well. I would be interested in anyone else's (who has tried head tracking with 3-D) opinions/experience of this.
  8. very nice insight. thanks.