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31-03-2015 - RaceRoom has been updated

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Sonat Ozturk, Mar 31, 2015.

  1. Sonat Ozturk

    Sonat Ozturk
    Sector3 Studios


    What’s New (Summary)
    - Custom Championships.
    - Mouse Steering. You can now select the mouse steering profile in the controller settings.
    - Track rotation in Multiplayer.
    - 3 new FFB multipliers for spring, damper and friction in FFB settings.

    - Added Custom Championships in RRE.
    - Shadow map improvements to make car shadows smoother.
    - Put local shadow map back to 32 bits for smoother car shadows.
    - Added car shadow kernel and epsilon.
    - Implemented better device support by changing device ID to include instance, wheel type and rim type ID’s to support several devices of the same type and to differentiate between devices that share the same product ID. (Fanatec CSR and CSR Elite for example). More default profiles will be added later.
    - Fixed the mixup in ADAC championship screen where tracks showed under cars header and vice versa.
    - Fixed IBL (Image Based Lighting) not loading for Sonoma in replays.
    - Fixed AI hitting pit wall from standing start in Sonoma.
    - Fixed cut track penalty message coming up after rolling start in LBC start.
    - Changed the banger sound priority from medium to high so they play when full grid.
    - Fixed an issue with AI launch from 1st gear.
    - Fixed an issue with disappearing skid sounds.
    - Fixed triggering issues with pitcams.
    - Changed RRE timing screen a bit to make IN PIT (yellow) text more readable.
    - Added Mouse Steering.
    - Added 3 new FFB options. Spring, Damper and friction strength. These work as multiplers and multiply what is set in the driver. Default profiles have these off by default.
    - Tweaked all the default profiles due to changes. Please note your old control profiles will be backed up and won’t be usable.
    - Default Controlset: Changed ffb steer friction and damper coefficients to 0.0
    - Default Controlset: Changed ffb steer friction and damper saturations to 1.0
    - Default Controlset: Changed spring saturation and coefficient pos and neg to 1.0
    - Default Controlset: Added ffb steer spring coefficient.
    - Default Controlset: Changed default spring coefficient per axis to 1.0

    - Implemented Time of Day per session support.
    - Implemented password support on dedicated side.
    - Implemented track rotation.
    - Implemented Server names.
    - We now cache ping in MP browser to avoid unnecessary pinging.
    - Made changes so the server list refreshes are only processed when not connected to a server.
    - Made changes to make sure pending server browser updates are cancelled when joining a server.
    - We no longer auto refresh in MP browser.
    - Added the Community Dedicated groundwork for release soon.
    - Various dedicated side improvements.

    AI & Physics & Camera & Audio
    - Sonoma - Fixed AI having issues with pit entry and tweaked AI speed.
    - Portimao – Fixed hairpin inside cut rules for Amateur
    - DTM 92 cars – AI tweaks, Improved Audi handling.
    - Revised all Gr.5 class car physics.
    - Revised all GTR2 class car physics.
    - Sonoma - Fixed helicam sound trigger.

    - Increased Shadow draw distance.
    - Lowered shadow noise in McLaren cockpit to make it less intrusive.
    - Tweaked shadow blur.
    - RUF RT12R – Fixed braking light in the middle still appearing floating after wing is gone due to damage.
    - Audi LMS Ultra – Fixed flipped KW logo.
    - Chevrolet Camaro GT3 – Fixed mapping on the driver right arm.
    - ALL CARS – General rebalancing to bring them to the same level.
    - Reduced frequency of headlight flashing on all cars.
    - Zakspeed Capri – Replaced redstone tyrebranding with Goodyear on livery 7 and 8
    - BMW 320T - Replaced redstone tyrebranding with Goodyear on livery 9 and 10

    Portal & System Backend
    - Changed the portal main webpage.
    - Added fan page directory.
    - Various store related fixes.
    - We now highlight VIP drivers, DEVs, as well as friends in MP browser.
    - Implemented a new Leaderboard Updater system for better performance and to fix the issue with Leaderboard entry sometimes not updating.
    - Added new tab in competition page that shows all past competitions.
    - RRRE competition page now shows competitions from other experience.
    - Fixed an issue with links for finished competition in fan pages.
    - Fixed an issue where purchase of alternative liveries for cars purchased via packs would not work sometimes.
    - Fixed an error when buying a livery before the car if they’re in the same cart.
    - Fixed so that the dashboard correctly redirects to user profile page.
    - Removed irrelevant text from the introduction popups in portal.
    Fixed layout issues in checkout popup.
    - Default user avatar helmets are now randomly assigned out of 24 new helmet images instead of the old helmet, to add more colour and variety to the leaderboards.

    Known Issues:
    - Multiplayer browser does not show ping times. This is only visual and the servers should work perfectly fine.
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  2. n1!!!!!! Sounds good, i rly like the trackrotation in mp!
  3. Lots of nice improvements. No new content though?
  4. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    Join us in the RD club races! Staff Premium

    They finally updated some of the old content, which is pretty much as good as new content IMO. :thumbsup:
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  5. hm after 3 Mp matches i find that the perfomance isnt better then before.
  6. It is a 2.5Gb update, so i'm guessing we have some new content preloaded, just need to enable it. Probably 1st they want to check the functionality of the new build, and if everything is ok, they will enable the new content
  7. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    Join us in the RD club races! Staff Premium

    This is a post from Jay Ekkel on the S3 forum, saying pretty much exactly that. And there was a comment on their Facebook about more goodies coming in the next few days.

  8. That's great. I haven't had a chance to try the new update. How does it feel so far?
  9. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    With the new ffb settings can the horrible centre force be dialed out, without sacrificing nice ffb effects?
  10. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    Join us in the RD club races! Staff Premium

    My rig is dismantled because I am in the process of moving to a new apartment. Looking forward to trying it out though.
  11. try it...
  12. These are prob the best parts of the entire update, especially the part I've bolded ;)
    Can't wait!

    Edit: Also, thanks @Sonat Ozturk for taking the time to post the patchnotes here too!
  13. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    nah don't even see what the new settings change.. still feels like a hovercraft simulator. Wheres the tyre feedback!?!?!
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  14. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    Move on.
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  15. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    worse ffb in a game ever lol...

    how can a wheel violently flick from side to side by letting go of it... wow..
  16. You are spamming all the time man!
    If you don't know how to setup the ffb right in this sim, you don´t have to go with it.

    For me it`s the best ffb and sim arround so far and iam very happy with it.
    I use a fanatec clubsport wheel v2 and it`s feels, "after right setup" amazing!
  17. Thanks for the update S3! Great to see things moving forward. I maintain R3E is the most fleshed out racing sim for cars, tracks, glitz and glamour, and spit and polish. :)

    Good to see the new centering, damping and friction ffb settings. Centering at 25% seems to be a good spot to help the G27 center deadzone (iRacing solves this with a Min Force setting) but I'm not sure it's different than increasing the force strength in the Logitech Profiler. To be honest I couldn't feel an improvement there. 25% is better than 0% but there's still a lot of deadzone.

    Is it a bug that steering force was at 0% on starting a new game?

    Also, can I suggest that you make sane defaults for controllers for when we have to reconfigure them? For instance, a G27 needs the inverted forces enabled and a G27 shifter is almost always going to have the same gear configuration setup, same with steering and pedal axes. It'd be nice if these were automatically mapped.

    With all the new ffb settings we could really use a force meter.

    Could S3 comment on the latest recommended Logitech Profiler settings?
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2015
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  18. I have been suffering from the "floating" feeling for a long time now, and I think I have come up with some settings I am happy with. These settings were developed with the updated physics Porsche GTR2 class car at Nurburgring GP on a logitech G27.

    The biggest thing for me was to put the steering rack setting to 100%. As I understand it, that negates most of the tire related settings (vertical load, understeer, lateral force). This made me feel much more connected and less "floaty" right away. Maybe it's because I'm used to most other games basing FFB off of the steering rack rather than the tires, I don't know, but it felt more like I expected when I did this.

    The second best thing I think I did was put the logitech profiler to 107% to minimize the center deadzone. With all the testing, it's hard to say if this did it for me, but it seemed to make the wheel more responsive in the center.

    The rest were just tweaks for wheel weight and resistance. The biggest difference maker for me was the "steering force Intensity" percentage. Adjust this to increase or lessen the force it takes to turn the wheel.

    With this, it was feeling a lot more connected FOR ME. Your results may vary. I just know that I was FINALLY having fun turning laps, and that made me happy since this game looks and sounds awesome with great AI and content (which I have purchased a fair amount of!)

    So for all of the people that have tried countless wheel tweaks for this game, maybe this will help. It certainly feels better TO ME.

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  19. First thing I noticed was a drop frame rate, I do not understand if it is my problem but after I tried Assetto Corsa and ran as always, until now RRE on my PC has always turned so super so I think if I have time I will other evidence today. FFB still do not know to evaluate, first impact with default settings terrible, then I saw that all the new options are zero in default so you have to do more tests, I did some setting but still cornering not "feel" like before. Using a TM T500RS with Hshift and FFB of RRE has always been good for me, so I think I will continue to try ...
  20. Sounds good, not yet tested this new release, still I think this is the best sim ever! Note that this is free software so it's best you can have with this price LOL

    Must say that Simbin FFB was a little bit better with G25, my current G27 is not as sharp but still very good after new settings, default FFB is never ok, thought.