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3 screens angles

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Jake Adams, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. Jake Adams

    Jake Adams

    i just got a 3 screen setup. How do I align my side screens? i click multi view in the config. and when I go to game the angles are way off. i have my screens at 45 degrees. I have it looking good in iRacing. is there a .ini file I can tweak?
  2. If I remember correctly Multiview sets the angle to 35 or 40 degrees. I think this is fixed so you might have to physically adjust the angle of your screens to match.
    It would be great to see more sims offering the flexibility that iracing has for setting up triple monitors.
  3. I leave the multiview unticked, and my screens are almost in a straight line (maybe 10 degrees angle either side). I find it works great like that (I use AMD Eyefintity, 5760 x 1080).
    If I tick multiview, I have to turn them to 45 degrees to match the view correctly, but my screens (22 inch) are too small to get good effect at that angle. I think I would need something like a 28 inch centre screen to be able to put the outer ones at 45 degrees!
  4. Jake Adams

    Jake Adams

    Thanks guys. I didnt know the angle was fixed. Ill just leave multi view unticked. Shame you cant adjust it. It looks way better with multi view ticked.
  5. Can't you adjust the monitors to 40 degrees and change the setting in iRacing? That's what I'm doing and it works well ;)