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3 monitor display

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by TImothy Magee, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. Again, new here and had some questions about running triple monitors. Here's my current setup:

    i5 4.3GHz
    16GB RAM
    3 27" monitors
    Radeon 6950 (I can run dual cards as I have 2, but currently only 1 installed)
    G27 racing sim controller

    I was wondering, can I use triple monitors? What will I need? I know I need a displayport adapter, what would work best? Do I use the mDisplayport on the card or the DVi? Please help so I can purchase the item that I need as my monitors have arrived and just waiting on my display stand!! Any help is appreciated!!!
  2. Hi there how you getting on setting up triple monitors, first port of call is read more blogs that others have been kind enough to post on there experiences of triple monitors, also check your current gpu's to see if they are eyefinity compatible either on inter web or packaging they came in. Also it's a (active display port adapter) to what ever your monitor connections are where's a difference, best bets Asia there just the same but cheaper, and you only need one of these the other two monitors connect like normal you can mix and match cables too I.E
    DVI-HDMI, HDMI -DP , this should get you on the right track
  3. Thanks for your help. I'm all setup and it's working great! My next step might be VR now that I bought triple monitors....LOL...