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Mods 2017 Update V3.0

All rider and team updates for all classes

  1. BIKER7202 submitted a new resource:

    2017 Update - All rider and team updates for the motogp class

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  2. Great work!
    can you change also name of rider moto2 and moto3?
    quartararo to rins
    bastianini to navarro
    only name rider (also number,age etc)
    For motogp:
    change honda to ktm (name)(if you can)
    replace logo ktm to forward
    the position of rider
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2016
  3. Thank you :)
    I will make these changes asap, also I will get to work moto2/3. I really appreciate this feedback :)
  4. Hi man!
    I downloaded the file, then I packed all the folders with mixfile remixer and I put their in the game folder.
    But there's a problem: when I play I don't see numbers, riders skins. I see only the name on the head of riders.
    Can you help me?

    Thanks! :)
  5. Are all the rider, number and bike skins black or are they invisible?
  6. I said that badly, Sorry XD
    For example: I see the name of maverick vinales on the head of the rider, but the number and the rider skin are still those of lorenzo.
    So i still see 2016 bikes, but the names are those of the new riders.
    After school i can also upload some screenshots
  7. Oh right, I understand, it should be a simple fix. I'll look at your screenshots after school :)
  8. Thank you:thumbsup:
  9. Replace name moto2 and moto3, today after school?
  10. 86eaa909a9b65e5187922b6bb3386d6f.jpg 580351bb8ca3b5c4a4a7b9e0e906cd57.jpg dc9123f873c4e8d8e9f0be2aa0c91035.jpg Screenshot (14).png
  11. Yeah I'll make a start on them but they'll take a while so I might add them in the second update tomorrow rather than the first which will be up later (This will fix ages, Forward Racing Logo and riding styles) However I will try and get moto2/3 out tonight also
  12. Tonight? you are the best biker7202
  13. not riding styles but position of rider:
    example Rins around 11-15 position
    Lorenzo around 1-4 position
    A.espargaro around 10 position
  14. Oh, sorry for the missunderstanding. I've never edited that file before but I'll have a go :)
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  15. Yes, I have done so
  16. I have no idea what the problem might be, i can check the rar for missing files but I'm really not sure
  17. because in the folder "HELMET" missing folder "PICTURES" where inside there are file for helmet
  18. By the looks of your screenshots, some of the menu changes don't seem to have worked either as all the big rider pictures should be assigned to the right rider for example yamaha lorenzo's big picture should still be with him at ducati
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2016
  19. oh