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2017 Update V1.3

All rider and team updates for the motogp class

  1. BIKER7202
    Here's a little trailler I made for it

    Works on all languages supported by the game
    Please report any issues/bugs so i can fix them

    Changes from original game:
    Vinales to yamaha
    Lorenzo to Ducati
    Iannone to Suzuki
    Rins to Suzuki
    Zarco to Tech 3
    Folger to Tech 3
    Abraham to Aspar
    Bautista to Aspar
    Lowes to Aprillia
    A Espargaro to Aprillia
    Added KTM Team
    Smith to KTM
    P Espargaro to KTM

    All rider changes include helmets numbers and leathers

    Planned additions/fixes:
    Finish KTM Livery
    Make Pull & Bear Aspar Livery
    Possibly 2017 liveries, leathers and helmets

Recent Reviews

  1. destinationriver
    Version: V1.2
    Looks cool, but how to install?
    1. BIKER7202
      Author's Response
      Have you got winrar and mixfile remixer?