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Skins 2016 Haas F1 Team for SF15-T skin [Deleted]

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Mods' started by Noobiix007, Jul 30, 2016.

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  1. Noobiix007 submitted a new resource:

    2016 Haas F1 Team for SF15-T skin - 2016 Haas F1 Team including custom wheel, suits, gloves, test drivers

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. You sound angry saying "so it wont be deleted another time" lol. Would have looked much better if you wrote that you were wrong and admit you should have been credited those that did the work for you.

    Maybe next time. :) Also, cheers!
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  3. WOW, looks like you didn't look at the base, I don't call this "work"...
  4. First stealing, then trashing other people's work. Exactly what any gaming community needs.:rolleyes:
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  5. Well, use his work if you think it's greater than mine then. Bye ;)
  6. Wow - you gave the guy a 2 star review, told him he's wrong, then reuploaded his paint job not twice but three times. Yeah you showed him!
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  7. Not a good idea to re-upload your skin if is the same or similar to the one from Tottos Dani.

    Your skin was delete one time for some reason.
  8. I downloaded both versions and ended up deleting one of them. I deleted yours. I would rather have a lesser quality mod that is original than a stolen over painted one any day. Your gloves are totally wrong. Suits are low resolution and helmets are wrong. It's Haas not lotus. Anyway I did my own suits and gloves, just finished the correct helmets based on this weekends GP. Added my tyres and to be fair it's a team I won't be driving in and just a team that makes the grid numbers up. Your skin isn't worth the barrage of assault you gave the other guy. This community doesn't operate like that. An apology may be in order of you may run the risk of being boycotted in future works. That would be a shame as you obviously can produce skins of a good quality.
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  9. @blackcelica do you Upload Haas Team suit, glove, helmet ?
  10. Not yet. Maybe later when I get home.
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  12. Wow... He did some amazing job ! also I think he bought the license to the Haas paints and logos from his little Hungarian town haha
  13. U bought it from Haas :'DD man u need to shut up and feel happy couse ur "nice" (stolen) skin can be up and this site
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  14. It's bad attitude comments like that that will get your work ignored in the future. That would be a shame.
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  15. 20160731201317_1.jpg
    Romain helmet prototype. Not finished yet, this is the first rough version whilst I work on the proper one.
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  17. "I didn't stole anything". I think it's you that needs English lessons.
  18. 20160731233223_1.jpg
    Romain helmet coming along nicely. Tottos Dani will be pleased. Hey Noob, you could steal this too.
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  19. Great job again. Did you planned to make all 2016 F1 Helmet, gloves etc... ?
  20. To be honest no. lol. Most of them have been done with the skins and are good enough already. I've got loads of helmets that have been created by myself for codemasters F1 games, rFactor and GP4 if you can remember that far back but I never did the 2016 helmets but my good friend did and he has given me permission to use his database to create some of the helmets that need doing. Romain Grosjean is one of them.
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