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Misc 2014 Equal drivers database mod 1.1

A nice database mod(hopefully working!)

  1. Lux555 submitted a new resource:

    F1 2014 Equal drivers database mod - A nice database mod(hopefully working!)

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    Last edited: Apr 7, 2015
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  2. it works thanks a lot!!!
  3. Glad you like it!:)
  4. would that work with f1 2015 mod
  5. To be honest,I havent tested it yet but be sure to backup your files before mixing mods ;)
  6. ja i will try it later today
  7. some advice just because you put 1 on all drivers don't make them equal neither does giving them same power.... it will only show in qualifying, the rest is in your head .. essentially most of the time the Ferrari and red bulls will take .. give tier 1 and 2 750Hp... in all boxes up and down... and give tier 3 and 4 minimum 900 up to 2000Hp at 900hp it should be almost even at 2000Hp tier 3 and 4 will be slightly fester...then 1 and 2 and caterham and marussia will smoke everyone.... not by much but. maybe 1 or 2 seconds..but that is all it takes..

    its more fun that way.. they are better ai drivers don't hit you as much...
    give lotus the least power, its the car that hits everything in sight... put the lotus in the back off the grid with 30 hp. so it retires youll have much cleaner races

    have fun with it.....
  8. What am i doing wrong? I have installed the mod using your instruction but when i test it in game, it is still the same old nico/lewis win..
  9. download f1 sim give that a try