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2012 Season Content

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by glight, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Here I am keeping track of the 2012 season content so we aren't stuck waiting for a complete total conversion mod (one is planned, it is just not ready yet). I don't own any of this content so you will have to download each mod and install one by one. If you have any issues please ask the authors' in their mod threads.

    *Continue only if you want to mix/match & create your own "total conversion" or if the above mods are missing any content.

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  2. updated
  3. this is my
  4. oops, fixed now:oops:
  5. Hi, I just want to find out if anyone can make the new livery for the mercedes amg w03 car??
  6. Jak to ściągnąć?
  7. Marosek12345 to są wszystkie mody zebrane w jedno miejsce.
    Ściągać możesz pojedyńczo
  8. In english please, in english !
  9. On f1pole.de website
  10. These are all the mods gathered in one place.
    You can download one at
  11. updated/reorganized!
  12. Mam pytanie.. zrobilem wlasny kask w PS... ale jak to zrobic bym mogl go wrzucic do gry i w nim jezdzic?
  13. updated!
  14. Thank's a lot.. Again.. Fantastic !
  15. updated!
  16. i Have problem with helmets and flags

    What can i Do?
  17. please ans me and and other suggestion can you do a patch with all helmets and cars

  18. If a particular mod is causing issues or doesn't work the best place to ask is that mod's thread.

    I can't do a cars patch since they are not my work and many of them are still being updated or aren't complete yet since the season just started. Maybe in a few weeks I will contact the authors and see if it's OK for me to make a pack. We don't have a full set of helmets yet so it would be best to wait until then. It is enough work for me to keep things organized nevermind a set of cars and helmets that is constantly being added to and/or updated. (btw thank you modders for putting me in this position I would rather have too much content to keep track of than not enough!:))