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2012 Scandinavian Touring Car Championship

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by Simon Melhuish, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    Volkswagen drivers Johan Kristoffersson and Jordi Gené completed their first test of the season at Valencia in Spain.
    "It was a very valuable test that gave us many positive answers," said Team Manager Tommy Kristoffersson.

    The test was Gené's first try of the biogas powered Volkswagen Scirocco that he is going to drive in the 2012 Scandinavian Touring Car Championship.
    "I have longed for this day since I signed for the team. I felt right at home in the car and its characteristics. I think I can contribute in some areas with my experience," said Gené.

    Kristoffersson, who is going to take part in the Italian Superstars Series this year, was pleased to get his first drive this year.
    "The conditions are better than ever for my part. My role is clear and I have my staff with Ronnie Bergström in the front ready, factors that enables me to focus on my stuff," said Kristoffersson.

    Source: touringcartimes.com
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  2. Bram

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  3. I dont think a cool song / music video is going to help STCC last too long :rolleyes:
  4. Bram

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    Mustasch is always +1 so STCC must do great on Google+ :) (Social Media Touring Car Championship)

  5. Wish I was old enough at the time to understand what was going on :p
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  6. One of my favourite clips from the old days :D
  7. Can someone translate what each person said? I was just wondering why that other driver got angry at Robert (I think it was him). Someone else was angry at Robert as they walked off, was it the other Volvo driver?
  8. Sure, here is what they said in their confrontation:
    Edman: Gratulations! You stupid bastard
    Colciago: No, you're stupid. F**k you! Bastard...
    *Flash walks up*
    Colciago: Don't hit me. I... Don't hit me
    Official: Take it eash Janne (flash)
    Flash: You made a mistake. You make a mistake!
    Colciago: Yeah. Careful or I'll go to the police.
    Some other guy at 4:53, probably one of Colciago's crewmen: F**k off!
    Official: Get out of here! Get out of here!
    Another guy, probably one of Flash's crewmembesr (at 5:00): It's not worth it.

    The first guy was Jens Edman, the Volvo driver who Colciago dove on the insde off and then the Volvo went off. The second guy, Flash, was the driver of the other Volvo who got taken out in turn 1 when Colciago outbraked himslf.