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2012 S2

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Jan Roman, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. What do you think? I still haven't tried the Caddy, but I tried the Motegi GP and I don't like it at all, horrible track. Just full throttle, up to 250 kph, full brake, repeat. Not interesting really if you ask me, at least compared to other tracks in our schedule.

    A bit disappointing build for me, almost nothing has changed (at least on the road side). Let's hope these new technologies will make iRacing better in a long term.

    But I drive the Corvette, I heard that Star Mazda is much much better and other drivers might have a different opinion.
  2. The Motegi road course really feels like a bike course. It could suit some multi class racing I suppose. Not iracing's fault though the track isnt the best ;) I dont mind it personally, but it probably lacks a specific challenge that other tracks have that make them memorable (Laguna Seca with the corkscrew, Spa with Eau Rouge, Sebring and the bumps, etc)

    Ill be running road cars this season, probably the open wheelers. NTM on the Indy.....
  3. No matter what I try, I always come back to the star mazdas. They are a great drive, get good attendance, and the races arent too long or too short. I just wish theyd do rolling starts and ditch the oval week (and im american!). This past weekend at watkins I was on pole for the bottom split and once the green dropped my car stalled and extreme chaos ensued lol. Everyone was surprisingly understanding even tho I felt like a numpty and my ride was destroyed. I redeemed myself 2 hours later tho taking the pole to victory lane, although it was only a 990 strength of field :(
  4. Yeah I hate it when you do an emabarrasing accident. Once, in an Indy oval race, we were nearly half way with no cautions when my agression got the better of me and I took out a fair few cars (it didnt help I was at the front of the pack, so a few got caught in the melee) you really dont feel very good afterwards!

    I do like the star mazda, but I just dont find it as "fun". Though the great attendance means I may end up running it this season. The Indy is just fun in my opinion to drive even in practice, however theres only certain times splits go offical. Kinda like the F1.

    Ive got to make up my mind soon, I want to do Indy but I fear that it'll stuff me for my practice for the league here at RD lol.
  5. are you going to run the indy 500? maybe we could work on a set sometime.
  6. Yeah that'd be good :) I probably wont run much oval indy (though I will from time to time for fun) but events like this I feel obliged to run :p

    At the moment Im torn. Do I do Indy or F1? ARGHH. lol